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Water: Wastewater Management Process

Wastewater in Small Communities - Tools

This page lists (in alphabetical order, by topic) tools and resources that may be useful in the planning, design, construction or maintenance of your community's wastewater infrastructure.

Asset Management and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS) Software - This EPA-developed software provides a simple, comprehensive approach to asset management for small water and wastewater utilities in a free, easy-to-use package.
    • Fact Sheets

      • Asset Management: A Best Practices Guide (PDF) (4pp, 274K, about PDF) This guide will help you understand what asset management means, the benefits of asset management, best practices in asset management and how to implement an asset management plan. It is intended for owners, managers and operators of public water systems; local officials; technical assistance providers; and state personnel.

      • Asset Management for Local Officials (PDF) (2pp, 86K, about PDF) This guide will help you understand the basics of asset management for local officials and local officials’ vital role in successfully implementing an asset management program. It is intended for local officials who are directly or indirectly involved in decisions affecting public water systems.

      • Building an Asset Management Team (PDF) (2pp, 78K, about PDF) This guide will help you understand how forming and having a team can help your system successfully implement asset management and the components of a successful asset management team. It is intended for local officials, owners and operators of public water systems, technical assistance providers, and state personnel.

  • Free Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool (VSAT™) Software Exit EPA Disclaimer - This software was developed to support water and wastewater utility vulnerability assessments using a qualitative risk assessment methodology.
  • Municipal Pollution Prevention Diagnostic Planner (CMAR 2.0) - This software was developed to provide wastewater treatment plant operators with a report on potential problem areas as an early warning to prevent potential problems with the facility.
  • Total Electronic Asset Management System (for Small Utilities) (TEAMS) Software - Developed by the Maryland Center for Environmental Training (MCET), this software is targeted for small wastewater utilities and is accompanied by a training tool kit which includes training modules on a range of asset management topics.

Financial Analysis and Funding Resources

Information Management

  • The Wastewater Information System Tool (TWIST) - This computer based tool allows state and local health departments to effectively inventory and manage small wastewater treatment systems by tracking information related to homes and facilities served, permits, site evaluations, types of systems, inspections and complaints in their jurisdictions.

Planning New Facilities

  • Alternatives for Unsewered Communities - Extensive software guide to the facilities planning process for small communities. Topics covered include needs documentation, development of alternative solutions and selection of the best response, and treatment management and implementation.
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Appropriate for Reuse (WAWTTAR) - This computer-based software identifies a range of appropriate water and wastewater treatment options and estimates local performance and costs associated with each system based on the material and manpower resources available to particular communities.

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