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Outreach Materials

Several documents have been created as outreach materials to communicate the function and purpose of the Task Force and Gulf Hypoxia. These materials are available below.

Gulf Hypoxia Outreach Presentation

This presentation gives an overview of some of the most recent efforts to move forward on Gulf hypoxia including the release of the 2008 Gulf Hypoxia Action Plan, research and modeling in the Gulf, and on-the-ground activities that are progressive and innovative, and get to the solution of reducing Gulf hypoxia.


The trifold briefly describes actions being taken in the Mississippi River Basin to move forward on reducing hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. Despite limited resources, the Task Force and its member federal and state agencies have made progress through actions and programs that achieve direct reductions in nutrients throughout the Mississippi River Basin. Some of these success stories are highlighted in the trifold. Additional success stories are summarized under Implementation.


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Fact Sheet

The fact sheet provides an overview of hypoxia and explains why it still occurs in the Gulf of Mexico. Two figures included in the fact sheet show the areal extent of the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone in 2008, and the difference in annual size of the hypoxic zone since 1985. The fact sheet also describes actions taken by the Task Force to address hypoxia, as well as how the 2008 Action Plan differs from the 2001 Action Plan.

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