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Water: Watersheds

Watershed Funding


Committed watershed organizations and state and local governments need adequate resources to achieve the goals of the Clean Water Act and improve our nation's water quality. To support these efforts, the  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created this Web site to provide tools, databases, and information about sources of funding to practitioners and funders that serve to protect watersheds.



New Website:

Financially Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Funding Opportunities:

CARE Grants

Five-Star Restoration Grants  Exit EPA Disclaimer

Beach Grants (for eligible coastal and Great Lakes states, territories and tribes)

Methane to Markets Grants


“Developing a Sustainable Finance Plan” Module

Moving Beyond Grants: Financing Watershed Protection


barnonprof Resources for Nonprofit Organizations key_icon Sustainable Finance Training
bar4 Resources for State and Local Governments bar33 Federal Funding Programs
barfunders Resources for Funders bar8 Funding Databases
barsftools Sustainable Finance Tools barrfp Requests for Proposals

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