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Learn more about the stream, lake, bay or wetland near where you live, work, or play. Use the tools below to learn many facts about your watershed - its geographic location, water quality, water regulations, and pollution issues.

Fifteen Things You Can Do to Make a Difference - A list of fifteen things that can help increase public awareness in your watershed.

Map Your Watershed - EnviroMapper is a Web-based interactive mapping tool for viewing and querying environmental information. This application allows users to zoom in to an area, or enter a state, county, city, ZIP code, or watershed to view environmental data from EPA's Envirofacts Warehouse.

Window to My Environment - This map-based application (built in ESRI's ArcIMS) allows users to zoom to an area and view tabular and geospatial data about the regulated facilities that are active within their community.

National Directory of Volunteer Monitoring Programs - Find a list of volunteer organizations around the country engaged in monitoring rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches, wetlands, and ground water, as well as surrounding lands.

Adopt Your Watershed

To encourage stewardship of the nation's water resources, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is leading an "Adopt Your Watershed" campaign. Through this effort, EPA challenges citizens and organizations to join us and others who are working to protect and restore our valuable rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, ground water, and estuaries. By visiting our on-line database, you can learn about opportunities to get involved in activities in your community, such as monitoring, cleanups, and restoration projects. As of October 2007, the database has more than 2,200 groups that you might want to join. You can download the Adopt Your Watershed Brochure to find out more about stewardship opportunities.

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Surf Your Watershed

Surf Your Watershed gathers environmental information available by geographic units which includes state, watershed (Surf's primary focus), county, metro area, and tribe. The information below describes the Locate Your Watershed page which contains many different routes to the same information. Each of the geographic pages are also discussed briefly.

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