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Measure Progress and Make Adjustments

You will periodically review the implementation activities outlined in your work plan, compare the results with your interim milestones, provide feedback to stakeholders, and determine whether you want to make any corrections. You need to create decision points at which you will review information and then decide whether to make changes in your program or stay the course.

Measure Progress and Make Adjustments Links

A Citizen's Guide to Understanding and Monitoring Lakes and Streams This guide introduces citizens in the Puget Sound area to lake and stream water quality monitoring. The topics cover monitoring strategies that will encourage quality data collection.

Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) / Save Our Streams (SOS) Exit EPA Disclaimer - SOS is a national watershed education and outreach program. Since 1969, we have cleaned-up stream corridors, monitored stream health, and restored degraded stream banks.

EPA / Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality / Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for Use in Streams and Wadeable Rivers: Periphyton, Benthic Macroinvertebrates, and Fish - This Web site provides information about the evaluation of community assemblages (e.g., macroinvertebrates, fish, periphyton) a critical measure of the overall effectiveness of habitat protection management measures.


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