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Water: Watershed Central


The Watershed Central wiki provides a collaborative environment for watershed managers and practitioners to share and transfer knowledge on all aspects of watershed management. By registering, users are able to create, edit and seek feedback on topics of interest to the watershed community as well as propose information for inclusion on the public Watershed Central site: http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/watershedcentral/.

Authority to Collect

All submissions are voluntary. There is no requirement for an individual to register, or, once registered, to use or participate on this site. However, the Watershed Central wiki is a knowledgebase that benefits from the community's ability to create, edit and transfer knowledge. Users will also benefit from the ability to collaborate and seek feedback on documents, lessons learned, case studies, etc.
Note: When you create or edit any page in the wiki, you are publishing a document which will be viewable by registered users. Edits are automatically tagged with the editor's Username and chronologically maintained by the wiki (a function shared by all wikis).

Subject matter experts (please see who they are in the User Profiles), will tend the Watershed Central wiki and, on a bi-weekly basis, vet and approve the most relevant and appropriate content for posting on the public Watershed Central website.

Purpose for Collection and Intended Use

The Watershed Central wiki serves as a staging ground for users to collaborate on documents and/or to propose content (information, case studies, lessons learned, data sources, tools, models, etc.) that is relevant and appropriate to the watershed manager. Note: Not all content published on the wiki will be posted to the Watershed Central public website. Content will be reviewed and approved by the process mentioned above to determine appropriateness for the public Watershed Central site.

Consequences for Not Submitting Content/Information

All submissions are voluntary. There are no requirements for posting content to the wiki, nor are there consequences for not participating. However, only registered users may create or edit a page/article. When you log in, you will be identified by the user name you selected during the registration process.

How will my information be shared?

Only registered users may view, create or edit a page/article in the Watershed Central wiki. When you edit any page in the wiki, you are publishing a document within the wiki environment. This is a public act, and you are identified publicly with that edit as its author to all other registered users of the wiki.

The Watershed Central wiki is also a content collection staging ground for the public Watershed Central website. As a result, your submissions have the potential to be posted to the public website should they pass the vetting/approval process. Should this content be selected for publication to the Watershed Central website, it will be available on the internet at http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/watershedcentral/ and viewable by a non-registered audience.

Acknowledgement/Acceptance of Terms

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of participation on the Watershed Central wiki. In addition, I understand how any information published on this wiki may or may not be used.

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, you will be taken to a Registration page, which will ask you for EPA contact information. If you do not already have an EPA sponsor, please enter the following contact information:

EPA Contact Name: Stuart Lehman
EPA Contact E-mail: lehman.stuart@epa.gov
EPA Contact Phone: (202) 566-1205

Accept Terms and Conditions


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