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Water: Wadeable Streams Assessment

Retrieving Wadeable Streams Assessment Data

The Wadeable Streams Assessment (WSA) is a first-ever statistically-valid survey of the biological condition of small streams throughout the U.S. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked with the states to conduct the assessment in 2004-2005.

Data for each parameter sampled in the Wadeable Streams Assessment (WSA) are available for downloading in a series of files as comma separated values (*.csv). Each *.csv data file has a companion text file (*.txt) that lists a dataset label and individual descriptions for each variable. Users should view the *.txt files first to help guide their understanding and use of the data.

Please note, about 27% of wadeable stream length in the Northern Appalachians ecoregion was not assessed as part of the WSA because small, 1st order streams in New England were not included in the sample frame. These streams were excluded from the WSA due to a decision to match an earlier New England random design. The assessments arrived at using the data in these files apply only to the 73% of the wadeable stream length that was assessed in the Norther Appalachians.

 Wadeable Streams Assessment (WSA) (ZIP) (6.9MB)

Condition File:

 WSA Condition Data (3.9MB)

 Individual files from WSA available for download:

Name of Variable Download File
(.csv file)
Description of Variable
(.txt file)
Bank geometry and substrate measurements bankgeometry.csv (9.3MB) bankgeometry.txt (4.3K)
Benthic macroinvertebrate 300 counts wsa_bencnt_genus_ts_final_part1.csv (7.8MB)
wsa_bencnt_genus_ts_final_part2.csv (1.7MB)
wsa_bencnt_genus_ts_final.txt (2.6K)
Benthic macroinvertebrate 300 metrics wsa_benmet300_ts_final.csv (1.9MB) wsa_benmet300_ts_final.txt (17.4K)
Canopy cover measured by densiometer canopycover_part1.csv (3.4MB)
canopycover_part2.csv (1.5MB)
canopycover.txt (2K)
Channel constraint data channelconstraint.csv (119.7K) channelconstraint.txt (2.3K)
Field chemistry (cond., DO, temp.) fieldchemistry.csv (359.7K) fieldchemistry.txt (5.7K)
In-channel fish cover ratings fishcover.csv (1.5MB) fishcover.txt (3.9K)
Large woody debris counts largewoody.csv (1.3MB) largewoody.txt (4.5K)
Legacy tree data legacytree.csv (1.2MB) legacytree.txt (2.4K)
Legacy tree metrics legacytreemet.csv (256.8K) legacytreemet.txt (3K)
Mesotransect substrate data mesosubstrate.csv (1MB) mesosubstrate.txt (2.5K)
Short list of best physical habitat metrics (subset of phabmet) phabbest.csv (975.5K) phabbest.txt (9.6K)

Physical habitat metrics

phabmet_part1.csv (2MB)
phabmet_part2.csv (2.7MB)
phabmet.txt (58.3K)
Rapid habitat assessment rapidhabass.csv (95.3K) rapidhabass.txt (3.8K)
Rapid habitat assessment metrics rapidhabmetrics.csv (123.5K) rapidhabmetrics.txt (4K)
Visual riparian estimates riparian.csv (6.3MB) riparian.txt (6K)
Post-Sampling Site Info and Survey Design wsa_siteinfo_ts_final.csv (985.7K) wsa_siteinfo_ts_final.txt (10.8K)
Stream velocity streamvelocity.csv (126K) streamvelocity.txt (2.5K)
Thalweg data thalweg_part1.csv (9.6MB)
thalweg_part2.csv (9.6MB)
thalweg_part3.csv (4.7MB)
thalweg.txt (6.2K)
Stream verification verification.csv (370K) verification.txt (5.8K)
Water chemistry waterchemistry.csv (567.6K) waterchemistry.txt (8.2K)
Watershed metrics watershedstressor.csv (89.5K) watershedstressor.txt (2.7K)


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