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Dredged Material Management

About the National Dredging Team: Meetings

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The National Dredging Team (NDT) holds national meetings for all Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) to focus on strengthening RDTs to meet regional needs.  At national meetings, RDTs report on progress, planned activities, and issues, and share information about successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

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2009 National Meeting
Point Clear, Alabama
April 20-23, 2009

The National Dredging Team organized this meeting to build on discussions of priority issues identified in previous national meetings by using the theme, "Planning for the Unexpected and Unavoidable: Addressing Natural and Anthropogenic Crises," as a focus to further define technical and policy issues of national concern for the agencies and stakeholders. Topics discussed included advanced planning, regional sediment management, habitat restoration, coastal resiliency, and responding after a crisis occurs.

Meeting Agenda and Presentations

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2007 National Meeting
Emeryville, California
October 29-30, 2007

The National Dredging Team organized this meeting in coordination with the San Francisco Bay Long-Term Manangement Strategy (LTMS) and Delta LTMS Groups to review our progress and assess our priorities. This meeting built upon the technical and policy issues of national concern identified by the 2006 National Meeting. Topics discussed included economic drivers, characterization of dredged material, sediment management options, beneficial use of dredged material, environmental windows, and the review of the National Dredging Policy and 2003 Action Agenda.

Meeting Agenda (PDF) (4 pp, 27K, About PDF)

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2006 National Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts
May 3-5, 2006

The New England Regional Dredging Team, with the support of the National Dredging Team (NDT), organized this meeting with a focus on providing Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) an opportunity to define and address technical and policy issues of national concern. Case studies of regional issues were used to stimulate a dialogue on solutions along with defining where help or intervention would be useful in coordinating efforts for dredged material management. Discussion sessions were organized to identify challenges, consider potential solutions, and develop action lists for the NDT and RDTs to address.  The breakout sessions also offered an opportunity to raise, discuss, and prioritize issues needing resolution in certain topic areas.
Meeting Agenda (PDF) (7 pp, 268K, About PDF)

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2005 National Meeting
Annapolis, Maryland
February 9-10, 2005

The National Dredging Team (NDT) organized this national meeting to strengthen the Regional Dredging Teams (RDTs) through increased coordination, communication, and information exchange, and to initiate actions to further beneficial use of dredged material and sediment management on a watershed basis.  The meeting focused on progress reports and updates from the RDTs.  Additionally, progress on key topics from the NDT’s 2003 Action Agenda was discussed. 

Meeting Agenda (PDF) (4 pp, 24K, About PDF)

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