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Water: Oceans, Coasts, Estuaries & Beaches

Oceans, Estuaries, and Coasts for Children, Students and Teachers

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bullet Get a Free Poster
Estuaries, Scenes of Transition; Protecting Our Nation's Estuaries; and Keeping Our Oceans Clean and Safe

bullet Exploring Estuaries
Use this Web site to explore estuaries, unique places where freshwater rivers and streams flow into the ocean, mixing with the seawater. On this site find games and activities for students as well as virtual tours of two estuaries: Barataria Bay, Louisiana, and Long Island Sound.

bullet Letters from Students
Fifteen letters from first graders on marine debris.

For Children

bullet Non-Point Source Program Kids' Page
From Masterbug Theater to activities for middle school students, this page covers the non-point activities for children and teachers.

bullet Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water Kids' Page
Children's activities and classrooms experiments and information. A version also En Espanol.

bullet Coastal Louisiana Coloring Book Exit EPA Disclaimer

bullet NOAA's International Year of the Ocean Kids' and Teachers' Corner Exit EPA Disclaimer

For Students and Teachers

For General Learning About the Environment: Kids, Students and Teachers

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