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Water: Class V Wells

How to Comply with Class V Regulations

The UIC Program’s regulations apply to all injection well owners and operators. The minimum requirements for Class V wells are:

  1. fluid disposed of underground may not endanger underground sources of drinking water and
  2. owners or operators must submit the proper inventory information to their permitting authority.

Some states may have additional requirements. Contact your permitting authority for further information.

The Minimum Requirements page explains what Class V well operators must do to comply with the regulations.

In 1999, EPA added new rules for two types of Class V wells: motor vehicle waste disposal wells and large-capacity cesspools. Operators of these well types should read the pages below to understand these new requirements.

EPA has developed information to help owners and operators of septic systems and storm water drainage wells. These wells are prevalent across the nation, and EPA is providing information to help protect our drinking water sources.

Also read the Regulations page for an explanation of the basic rules for Class V wells.

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