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Water: Construction

Construction and Development

Construction Scene

Correcting Amendment - 5/4/2015

EPA promulgated the Construction and Development Effluent Guidelines and Standards (40 CFR Part 450) in 2009 and amended the regulations in 2014. The regulations cover stormwater discharges from construction sites.

Facilities Covered

The regulations apply to all construction sites that are subject to NPDES permit requirements (generally, sites with one or more acres of land disturbance).

Construction site owners and operators are required to:

  • implement erosion and sediment controls;
  • stabilize soils;
  • manage dewatering activities;
  • implement pollution prevention measures;
  • provide and maintain buffers around surface waters;
  • prohibit certain discharges, such as motor fuel and concrete washout; and
  • utilize surface outlets for discharges from basins and impoundments.

Final Rule - 2014

The 2014 rule provides clarifications on applicability; flexibility for permitting authorities to implement some of the rule requirements and for permittee compliance; and clarifies the requirement for permittees to provide and maintain buffers around many surface waters at construction sites, to reduce downstream siltation and flooding.

Rulemaking History

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Construction and Development Effluent Guidelines, please contact Jesse Pritts, pritts.jesse@epa.gov or 202-566-1038.

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