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Water: Coal

Final Rule Support Documents

December 2001

Coal Remining - Best Management Practices Guidance Manual (December 2001) - this document describes abandoned mine land conditions and the performance of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that have been implemented at remining operations. The BMP Guidance Manual is a technical reference document that presents research and data concerning the prediction and prevention of acid mine drainage to the waters of the United States. (EPA 821-B-01-010)

Coal Remining Statistical Support Document - this document describes the statistical methodology for establishing and monitoring baseline conditions and setting discharge limits at remining sites. (EPA 821-B-01-011)

Development Document for Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Western Alkaline Coal Mining Subcategory - this document present's EPA's technical conclusions concerning the Western Alkaline Coal Mining Subcategory. (EPA 821-B-01-012)

Statistical Analysis of Abandoned Mine Drainage in the Assessment of Pollution Load ("The Griffiths Report") - this document describes pollutant characteristics of pre-existing discharges at abandoned mine lands. (EPA 821-B-01-014)

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