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Water: Economics

Policy & Guidance: Worksheet G

Interim Economic Guidance for Water Quality Standards

Calculation of Total Annualized Project Costs

Capital Costs to be financed (Supplied by applicant)

$________ (1)

Interest Rate for Financing (Expressed as a decimal)


Time Period of Financing (Assume 10 years*)

10 years (n)

Annualization Factor** =


Annualized Capital Cost [Calculate: (1) x (2) ]

$________ (3)

Annual Cost of Operation and Maintenance

(including but not limited to monitoring, inspection, permitting fees, waste disposal charges, repair, administration and replacement)***

$________ (4)


Total Annual Cost of Pollution Control Project[ (3) + (4) ]

$________ (5)

* While actual payback schedules may differ across projects and companies, assume equal annual payments over a 10-year period for consistency in comparing projects.

** Or see Appendix B for calculated annualization factors

*** For recurring costs that occur less frequently than once a year, pro rate the cost over the relevant number of years (e.g., for pumps replaced once every three years, include one-third of the cost in each year).

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