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Bacterial Indicator Tool (12/20/2001)

The Bacterial Indicator Tool is a spreadsheet that estimates the bacteria contribution from multiple sources. Output from the tool is used as input to WinHSPF and the Hydrological Simulation Program Fortran (HSPF) water quality model in BASINS. The tool estimates the monthly accumulation rate of fecal coliform bacteria on four land uses (cropland, forested, built-up, and pastureland), as well as the asymptotic limit for the accumulation should no washoff occur. The tool also estimates the direct input of fecal coliform bacteria to streams from grazing agricultural animals and failing septic systems.

The compressed zip file contains a starter Lotus 123 spreadsheet, a starter Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and a user's manual in PDF format.

Download bit.zip, 270KB, December 2001

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