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How to Submit Data

Primacy agencies, EPA Regions and EPA headquarters personnel routinely enter and transmit water system inventory and compliance data to SDWIS/FED. Many of the websites require prior authorization and a user identification and password in order to access them. We are building this page and will be adding more detailed information.

Software and Documentation

SDWIS/FedRep Release 1.2.2

SDWIS/FedRep is a web-based, platform-independent application that allows drinking water primacy agencies to validate and submit federally required drinking water data to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about public water systems for which they have primary enforcement responsibility. SDWIS/FedRep is available for use by all drinking water primacy agencies, whether or not they use SDWIS/STATE, to maintain their federally reportable data.

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How to Retrieve Data

There are many ways to access drinking water data from SDWIS/FED.

Additional resources available to stakeholders working in the Drinking Water program

  1. Access detailed drinking water information through web-based standard reports. This information is intended for EPA headquarters and regional personnel, primacy agencies and EPA contractors.  The reports, named SDWIS/Reporting Services, contain information on Public Water Systems, including inventory, violations, and enforcement actions data, as well as Lead and Copper samples data and lists of systems targeted for enforcement oversight.

Users must have a user name and password. Headquarters users and contractors can obtain access by contacting the Headquarters CDX User Account Coordinator. Users at primacy agencies, EPA Regional offices, and EPA Regional contractors need to contact their Regional SDWIS/FED coordinator

  • Service Area and Facility Data Report – This report provides water system, service area, water system facility and treatment data.
  • Public Water System Violation and Enforcement Summary Report – This report provides water system, violation and enforcement data.
  • Grant Eligibility Report – This report provides summary information about grant eligible water systems and detailed information about those water systems which are not grant eligible.
  • Annual Data Evaluation Report – This report is a formatted dump of most of the data for water systems.
  • Annual Compliance Report – This report provides summary and detailed information about violations occurring in a calendar year.  Violations which have been Returned to Compliance prior to the calendar year are excluded.  Violations which have been Returned to Compliance during the year are included and counted.
  • Lead and Copper Report – This report provides detailed Lead and Copper Rule related data.
  • Summary Violation by Population – This report provides a summary of the water systems which are in violation by population size.
  • SDWIS Significant Non-Compliance Report – This report provides a listing of Significant Non-Compliance violations by rule.
  1. Access the drinking water data warehouse through ad hoc queries. This option applies only to users within the EPA network.

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Users inside the EPA network can access SDWIS/FED data through any ODBC-compliant software such as MS Access. Contact the Headquarters CDX User Account Coordinator or Regional SDWIS/FED coordinator.

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SDWIS/ODS-Web is a new application for EPA regional office enforcement and data management staff.  The application is designed for EPA staff to manage the EPA violation and enforcement data by providing data entry screens for the entry, modification and deletion of EPA owned violations, enforcement actions and links between them.

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