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Water: Climate Change and Water

Calendar of Events

The information on this page includes conferences, meetings, webinars, workshops and training opportunities related to climate change and water. The events listed here are not necessarily endorsed by EPA, but are opportunities that may be of interest to those involved in addressing climate change impacts on water resources.

 Upcoming events are continually being added. Please let us know if you have information to add by emailing us the details of the event (water_climate_change@epa.gov). 

Note: Several of the links listed below will take you to non-EPA websites. In doing so, EPA does not endorse any non-government websites, companies, or applications. Exit EPA Disclaimer


2015 Upcoming Conferences, Training, Webcasts, and Other Events

Date Title/Location/Details
April 1Webinar: Extending the Northeast Terrestrial Habitat Map to Atlantic Canada
Organizer: Northeast Climate Science Center
3:30 p.m. eastern
April 1 - 2Extreme Events and Climate Adaptation Planning Workshop
Organizer: U.S. EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities
Location: Los Angeles, California
April 1 - 30Online Training: Water in the Western United States
Organizer: University of Colorado-Boulder and Coursera
April 8Webinar: Understanding Risk and Exposure in an Urban Case Study
Organizer: USDA Forest Service
2:00 p.m. eastern
April 9Webinar: Indigenous Knowledge and Use of Ocean Currents in the Bering Strait Region
Organizer: National Marine Protected Areas Center
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. eastern
April 13Webinar: The U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit
Organizer: NOAA
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. eastern
April 14Workshop: Using Beaver to Restore Streams
Organizer: North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Location: Juneau, Alaska 
April 15Webinar: Fire, Bugs, and Humans: Modeling Interacting Disturbances in
Anthropogenic Landscapes

Organizer: U.S. Department of Interior - Northeast Climate Science Center
3:30 p.m. eastern
April 16Webinar: Assessing the Relative Resilience Potential of Coral Reefs to Inform Management in the Northern Mariana Islands
Organizer: USGS
5:00 p.m. eastern
April 17Roundtable: The Energy-Water-Food Nexus: Risks and Opportunities for the Private Sector
Organizer: Energy-Water-Food Nexus Roundtable, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center
Location: Washington, D.C.
1:00 - 3:30 p.m. eastern
April 18 - 22 American Planning Association 2015 National Planning Conference
(There will be a Planning and Climate Change Symposium as part of the conference)
Location: Seattle, Washington
April 21Webinar: Where's My Fish? New Tools to Visualize Climate and Other Impacts on Marine Animals
Organizer: Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
April 21 - 22Bringing Science and Managers Together: California Landscape Conservation Workshop
Organizer: California Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Location: Davis, California
April 22Business Takes the Lead: How Innovation Will Drive Our Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Organizer: The Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership
Location: Philadelphia, PA
8:30 a.m. eastern
April 22 CoastGIS 2015 Conference
Organizer: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, University of Stellenbosch, Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association, International Programme Committee for CoastGIS Symposia
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
April 29Webinar: Changes in Forest Composition and Structure under Alternative Climate Scenarios in the Northeastern U.S.
Organizer: U.S. Department of Interior - Northeast Climate Science Center
3:30 p.m. eastern
April 29 - 30 Environmental Technology for Impact 2015
Organizer: Sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University
Location: The Netherlands
April 30Webinar: Community-Based Sea Level Rise Projections
Organizer: Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. eastern
May 3 - 5 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Climate Change Symposium: Adaptation and Mitigation
Location: Chicago, Illinios
May 5Webinar: Water Utility Planning Strategies to Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change in Central Ohio
Organizer: NOAA
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. eastern
May 6Webinar: Integrating Social Vulnerability into Planning and Decision Making
Organizer: USDA Forest Service
2:00 p.m. eastern
May 11 - 14Blue Vision Summit
Location: Washington, D.C.
May 12 - 15 National Adaptation Forum
Organizer: Eco-Adapt
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
May 20 - 222015 North Central Climate Science Center Open Science Conference 
Organizer: U.S. Department of the Interior - North Central Climate Science Center
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
May 21Webinar: Precipitation Patterns, Supply Planning and Demand Curves: The Complexity of Assessing Water Supply Risks
Organizer: NOAA
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. eastern
June 1 - 2Grey to Green Conference
Organizer: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Location: Toronto, Ontario
June 4Webinar: Water Hazards and Community Resilience
Organizer: NOAA
1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
June 8 - 10 Resilient Cities 2015
Location: Bonn, Germany
June 15 - 172015 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference: Climate Change Adaptation
Organizer: American Water Resources Association
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
June 16 - 18Training: Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Organizer: Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP)
Location: Bishop, California
June 29 - July 1Rising Voices: Collaborative Science For Climate Solutions 
Location: Boulder, Colorado
July 5 - 10 International Association for Landscape Ecology World Congress Meeting
Location: Portland, Oregon
August 16 - 21Climate Boot Camp 2015
Location: Pack Forest, Washington
Organizer: USGS
September 16 - 18International Conference on Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events
Organizer: Transportation Research Board
Location: Washington, D.C.  
October 7 - 11Conference: Weather, Water, Energy: News in Every Neighborhood
Organizer: Society of Environmental Journalists
Location: University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

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