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Water: Wastewater Programs

Treatment Publications


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Title EPA Number Availability
Activated Sludge Process Control Course, 1976 832/R-76-101 ERIC:[broken link throughout] T179

NTIS:[broken link throughout] PB95-156949

Advanced Waste Treatment Performance Evaluation Summary Report, Undated-printed March 1985 430/9-84-002 ERIC: T238

NTIS: PB85-174191

Aerobic Biological Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Process Control Manual 430/9-77-006 ERIC: U014

NTIS: PB-279474

Affluent Effluent: New Choices in Wastewater Treatment, September 1983 832/R-83-111 ERIC: N264

NTIS: PB84-133966

Alternative Sewer Studies, Completed September 1983 600/2-85-133 ERIC: N331

NTIS: PB86-131224

Alternative Technology Application: Land Treatment Silviculture- A Practical Approach [Brochure] September 1983 832/R-83-101 ERIC: R004
Alternative Technology: Methane Recovery- An Energy Resource, [Brochure] September 1983 832/R-83-100 ERIC: R005
Analysis of Performance Limiting Factors (PLFs) at Small Sewage Treatment Plants, April 1989 832/R-89-102 ERIC: N461

NTIS: PB89-193346

Applicability of Land Treatment of Wastewater in the Great Lakes Area Basin: Effectiveness of Sandy Soils at Muskegon County, Michigan, for Renovating Wastewater 905/79-006-B ERIC: W508

NTIS: PB-299657

Applicability of Land Treatment of Wastewater in the Great Lakes Area Basin: Impact of Wastewater Division, Spray Irrigation on Water Quality in the Muskegon County, Michigan Lakes 905/9-79-006-A ERIC: W509

NTIS: PB-299602

Approach for Comparing Health Risks of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives- A Limited Comparison of Health Risks Between Slow Rate Land Treatment and Activated Sludge Treatment And Discharge, September 1979 430/9-79-009 NTIS: PB-298228
Aquaculture Systems for Wastewater Treatment- An Engineering Assessment, June 1980 430/9-80-007 ERIC: N269

NTIS: PB81-156689

Aquaculture Systems for Wastewater Treatment- Seminar Proceedings and Engineering Assessment, September 1979 430/9-80-006 ERIC: N318

NTIS: PB81-156705

Aqueous-Phase Oxidation of Sludge Using the Vertical Reaction Vessel System, Completed September 1985 600/2-87-022 ERIC: N392

NTIS: PB87-170320

Assessment of Current Information on Overland Flow Treatment of Municipal Wastewater, May 1980 430/9-80-002 ERIC: U046

NTIS: PB81-168403

Assessment of Design Tradeoffs When Using Intrachannel Clarifiers, October 1986 600/J-87-286 ERIC: W510

NTIS: PB88-185210

Assessment of I/A Facilities Seeking 100 Percent Modification/Replacement Funding- Case Histories, October 1986 600/J-87-998 ERIC: W566

NTIS: PB95-157954

Assessment of Single-Stage Trickling Filter Nitrification, January 1991 (Contractor's Report)   ERIC: W987
Assessment of Single-Stage Trickling Filter Nitrification, May 1991 430/9-91-005 NSCEP: 430/9-91-005

ERIC: N493

NTIS: PB91-206276

Assessment of the Biolac Technology, September 1990 430/9-90-013 ERIC: N457

NTIS: PB91-102095

Assessment of Vortex Solid Separators for the Control and Treatment of Wet Weather Flow 832/B-96-006 NSCEP: 832/B-96-006

ERIC: W385

NTIS: PB97-141550

Benefits and Implementation Potential of Wastewater Aquaculture, May 1982 832/R-82-100 ERIC: N314

NTIS: PB83-191601

Biological Phosphorous Removal: Problems and Remedies [Brochure], June 1986 832/R-86-101 ERIC: R013
Biological Waste Treatment Using the Biolac System: A Technical Note, September 1986 832/K-86-100 ERIC: W569

NTIS: PB95-157939

Cannon Beach: Wooded Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment, [broken link]September 1993 832/R-93-005c ERIC: WA74

NTIS: PB95-225942

Carolina Bays: A Natural Wastewater Treatment Program, [broken link]September 1993 832/R-93-005a ERIC: WA72

NTIS: PB95-226148

Centralized Treatment and Recovery: Case Studies, September 1993 832/F-93-009 NSCEP: 832/F-93-009

ERIC: W514

Chemical Aids Manual for Wastewater Treatment Facilities 430/9-79-018 NSCEP: 430/9-79-018

ERIC: U025

NTIS: PB81-226826

Collecting Household Hazardous Wastes at Wastewater Treatment Plants, September 1989 832/R-89-100 ERIC: R015
Collection Systems Operations and Maintenace Fact Sheet: Sewer Cleaning and Inspection (PDF), September 1999 (11pp, 137K) 832/F-99-031 ERIC: C313
Collection Systems Operations and Maintenace Fact Sheet: Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation (PDF), September 1999 (10pp, 311K) 832/F-99-032 ERIC: C314
Comparison of Oxidation Ditch Plants to Competing Processes for Secondary and Advanced Treatment of Municipal Wastes, March 1978 600/2-78-051 ERIC: W520

NTIS: PB-281380

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation and Selected Management Issues, February 1982 430/9-82-003 ERIC: U062

NTIS: PB82-212770

Computer-Assisted Procedure for the Design and Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Systems: Users Guide, 1979 439/9-79-001 ERIC: W522

NTIS: PB81-220964

Constructed Wetlands and Wastewater Management for Confined Animal Feeding Operations, June 1997 855/K-97-001 WRC: 855/K-97-001


NTIS: PB99-129041

Constructed Wetlands for Animal Waste Treatment: A Manual on Performance, Design and Operation With Case Histories, June 1997 855/B-97-001 WRC: 855/B-97-001


Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment and Wildlife Habitat: 17 Case Studies, September 1993 832/R-93-005 WRC: 832/R-93-005


NTIS: PB95-209136

Converting Rock Trickling Filters to Plastic Media: Design & Performance, August 1980 600/2-80-120 ERIC: W525

NTIS: PB81-119885

Decentralized Systems Technology Fact Sheet: Low Pressure Pipe Systems (PDF), September 1999 () 832/F-99-076 ERIC: C326
Decentralized Systems Technology Fact Sheet: Mound Systems (PDF), September 1999 (7pp, 201K) 832/F-99-074 ERIC: C327
Decentralized Systems Technology Fact Sheet: Recirculating Sand Filters (PDF), September 1999 () 832/F-99-079 Internet Only
Decentralized Systems Technology Fact Sheet: Septage Treatment/Disposal (PDF), September 1999 (7pp, 52K) 832/F-99-068 NSCEP: 832/F-99-068

ERIC: C328

Decentralized Systems Technology Fact Sheet: Septic Tank - Soil Absorption Systems (PDF), September 1999 (8pp, 74K) 832/F-99-075 ERIC: C329
Demonstrated Approach for Improving Performance And Reliability of Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants, June 1979 600/2-79-035 ERIC: W161

NTIS: PB-300476

Demonstration of Sewer Reclining By the Insituform Process, Northbrook, IL, October 1983 600/2-83-064 ERIC: W162
Des Plaines River Wetlands Project: Wetlands for River Water Quality Improvement,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005q NSCEP: 832/R-93-005q


NTIS: PB95-225710

Design Criteria for Mechanical, Electric, and Fluid System and Component Reliability, July 1974 430/9-74-001 ERIC: N454

NTIS: PB227558

Design Information on Rotating Biological Contractors, June 1984 600/2-84-106 ERIC: T235

NTIS: PB84-199561

Design Information Report: Belt Filter Presses, May 1986 600/M-86-011 ERIC: W583

NTIS: PB86-223153

Design Information Report: Centrifuges, September 1986 600/M-86-023 ERIC: W584

NTIS: PB87-107876

Design Information Report: Recessed Filter Plate Processes, June 1986 600/M-86-017 ERIC: W585

NTIS: PB86-221793

Design Manual: Constructed Wetlands and Aquatic Plant Systems for Municipal Wastewater Treatment 625/1-88-022 ERIC: N495
Design Manual: Fine Pore Aeration Systems, September 1989 625/1-89-023 ERIC: N498

NTIS: PB90-125204

Design Manual: Municipal Wastewater Disinfection, October 1986 625/1-86-021 NSCEP: 625/1-86-021

ERIC: N496

NTIS: PB85-245991

Design Manual: Municipal Wastewater Stabilization Ponds, October 1983 625/1-83-015 ERIC: W164

NTIS: PB88-184023

Design Manual: Odor and Corrosion Control in Sanitary Sewerage Systems and Treatment Plants, October 1985 625/1-85-018 NSCEP: 625/1-85-018

ERIC: N497

NTIS: PB88-184031

Design Manual: Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems, October 1980 625/1-80-012 ERIC: N484

NTIS: PB83-219907

Design Manual: Phosphorous Removal, September 1987 625/1-87-001 NSCEP: 625/1-87-001

ERIC: W587

NTIS: PB95-232914

Design Report Submittal Requirements: Supplement to Federal Guidelines for Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Facilities - Technical Bulletin, Undated   ERIC: W167

NTIS: PB95-157319

Determination of Excessive/Nonexcessive Inflow Rates: Draft, May 1984   ERIC: W617

NTIS: PB95-156451

Disinfection of Wastewater - Task Force Report, March 1976 430/9-75-012 ERIC: U031

NTIS: PB-257449

Disinfection With Ultraviolet Light--Design, Construct, and Operate for Success [Brochure], September 1986 832/R-86-102 ERIC: R018
Economic Assessment of Wastewater Aquaculture Treatment Systems, December 1976 600/2-76-293 ERIC: W625

NTIS: PB-266179

Economic Residential Pressure System with No Effluent, December 1975 600/2-75-072 ERIC: W626

NTIS: PB95-156477

Emerging Technologies: Alternative Wastewater Collective Systems - Practical Approaches [Brochure], December 1983 832/R-83-107 ERIC: R020
Emerging Technology: Aquaculture--An Alternative Wastewater Treatment Approach [Brochure], July 1983 832/R-83-103 ERIC: R007
Emerging Technology: Counter-Current Aeration - A Promising Process Modification [Brochure], July 1983 832/R-83-104 NSCEP: 832/R-83-104

ERIC: R008

Emerging Technology: Intermittent Sand Filtration--A Process Assessment [Brochure], June 1984 832/R-84-101 NSCEP: 832/R-84-101

ERIC: R009

Emerging Technology: Intrachannel Clarification--A Project Assessment [Brochure], June 1983 832/R-83-105 NSCEP: 832/R-83-105

ERIC: R010

Emerging Technology: Overland Flow - A Variable Treatment Option [Brochure], May 1982 832/F-82-100 ERIC: R070
Emerging Technology: Sequencing Batch Reactors -- A Project Assessment [Brochure], September 1983 832/R-83-106 ERIC: R011
Emerging Technology: The Biological Aerated Filter - A Promising Biological Process [Brochure], July 1983 832/R-83-102 ERIC: R056
Emerging Technology: Vacuum-Assisted Sludge Dewatering Beds--An Alternative Approach [Brochure], November 1984 832/R-84-102 NSCEP: 832/R-84-102

ERIC: R021

Emerging Technology: Wetlands Treatment--A Practical Approach [Brochure], September 1983 830/F-83-100 NSCEP: 830/F-83-100

ERIC: R022

Emerging Technology Report: Preliminary Status of Airplane Deicing Fluid Recovery Systems, September 1995 832/B-95-005 NSCEP: 832/B-95-005


NTIS: PB95-270724

Environmental Regulations and Technology: Autothermal Thermophilicaerobic Digestion of Municipal Wastewater Sludge, September 1990 625/10-90-007 ERIC: W590
EPA'S Innovative and Alternative Wastewater Facilities Technology Database: User's Manual, April 1988   ERIC: W445

NTIS: PB95-156618

Evaluation and Demonstration of the Capillary Suction Sludge Dewatering Device, March 1974 670/2-74-017 ERIC: W449

NTIS: PB-232358

Evaluation of "Within Vessel" Sewage Sludge Composting Systems in Europe (Draft), April 1979 600/2-79-088 ERIC: W170

NTIS: PB80-180847

Evaluation of Dewatering Devices for Producing High-Solids Sludge Cake, August 1979 600/2-79-123 ERIC: W171

NTIS: PB80-111503

Evaluation of EPA's EIS Program for Wastewater Treatment Facilities   ERIC: N488

NTIS: PB95-156725

Evaluation of Flow Equalization in Municipal Wastewater Treatment, May 1979 600/2-79-096 ERIC: U024

NTIS: PB80-139835

Evaluation of Infiltration/Inflow Program - Final Report Draft, July 1980   ERIC: W173

NTIS: PB95-200390

Evaluation of Infiltration/Inflow Program - Final Report Draft, February 1981   ERIC: W819

NTIS: PB95-207213

Evaluation of Oxidation Ditches for Nutrient Removal, September 1992 832/R-92-003 NSCEP: 832/R-92-003

ERIC: N470

NTIS: PB92-222900

Evaluation of Oxygen-Enriched MSW/Sewage Sludge Co-Incineration Demonstration Program, September 1994 600/R-94-145 NSCEP: 600/R-94-145

ERIC: W999

Evaluation of the Consideration Given to the Land Use and Environmental Impacts of the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Management Program (Final Report), October 1975   ERIC: W179

NTIS: PB95-157061

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Tertiary Filtration Processes in Removing Toxics & Conventional Pollutants, December 31, 1987   ERIC: 180W

NTIS: PB95-156766

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Tertiary Filtration Processes in Removing Toxics & Conventional Pollutants, Draft Final Report, November 30, 1987   ERIC: W181

NTIS: PB95-159471

Facilities Planning 1981: Municipal Wastewater Treatment, March 1981 430/9-81-002 ERIC: N258

NTIS: PB81-200610

Fate of Organic Pollutants in A Wastewater Land Treatment System Using Lagoon Impoundment and Spray Irrigation, September 1983 600/2-83-077 ERIC: W183

NTIS: PB83-259853

Federal Guidelines: Design of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, February 1976 832/B-76-105 ERIC: W969
Federal Guidelines: Design, Operation and Maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Facilities, September 1970 832/B-70-100 ERIC: W967
Federal Guidelines: Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, August 1974 832/B-70-100 ERIC: W968

NTIS: PB80-138365

Fort Deposit, Alabama: Constructed Wetland Treatment System Case History,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005n NSCEP: 832/R-93-005n


NTIS: PB95-225975

Granular Activated Carbon Systems: Problems and Remedies [Brochure], August 1984 832/R-84-104 ERIC: R026
Guidance for Sewer System Evaluation, March 1974 520/9-74-018 ERIC: N279

NTIS: PB95-157756

Guidance on the Privatization of Federally Funded Wastewater Treatment Plants (PDF), September 1999 ()   Internet Only
Guide to Technical Resources for the Design of Land Disposal, December 1988 625/6-88-018 NSCEP: 625/6-88-018

ERIC: W312

Guide to the Selection of Cost-Effective Wastewater Treatment 430/9-75-002 ERIC: W314

NTIS: PB-244417

Handbook for Sewer System Evaluation and Rehabilitation, December 1975 430/9-75-021 ERIC: N485

NTIS: PB-257457

Handbook of Advanced Treatment Review Issues, June 1984   ERIC: T263

NTIS: PB86-114766

Handbook: Retrofitting POTWs, July 1989 625/6-89-020 ERIC: W323

NTIS: PB90-182478

Handbook: Retrofitting POTWs for Phosphorus Removal in the Chesapeake Bay Drainage Basin, September 1987 625/6-87-017 NSCEP: 625/6-87-017

ERIC: W324

Handbook: Sewer System Infrastructure Analysis and Rehabilitation, October 1991 625/6-91-030 NSCEP: 625/6-91-030

ERIC: W326

Heat Treatment/Low Pressure Oxidation Systems: Design and Operational Considerations, September 1985 430/9-85-001 ERIC: N328

NTIS: PB86-120003

History of Land Application as a Treatment Alternative, April 1979 430/9-79-012 NSCEP: 430/9-79-012

ERIC: U039

NTIS: PB-298227

Hydrograph Controlled Release Lagoons: An Update for a Promising Technology [Brochure], May 1987 832/R-87-100 ERIC: R028
Improving Design and Operation of Multiple-Hearth and Fluid Bed Sludge Incinerators, July 1985, 600/2-86-061 ERIC: N358

NTIS: PB86-219367

In-Vessel Composting: A Technology Assessment [Brochure], July 1987 832/R-87-102 ERIC: R029
Incline Village General Improvement District Wetlands Enhancement Facility: A Total Evaporative Constructed Wetland Treatment/Disposal System,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005k NSCEP: 832/R-93-005k


NTIS: PB95-225735

Independent Physical-Chemical (IPC) Treatment of Municipal Wastewater: Design and Operations Feedback, July 1984 832/R-84-116 ERIC: U080

NTIS: PB95-157566

Infiltration/Inflow: I/I Analysis and Project Certification, May 1985 832/F-85-100 ERIC: T270

NTIS: PB85-231165

Informational Briefing: Report to Congress on the Effectiveness of the Innovative and Alternative Wastewater Treatment Technology Program (Undated)   ERIC: W035

NTIS: PB95-157558

Innovations in Sludge Drying Beds: A Practical Technology [Brochure], October 1987 832/R-87-101 ERIC: R030
Innovative and Alternative Technology: A New Approach to an Old Problem [Brochure], March 1980 832/R-80-103 ERIC: R032
Innovative and Alternative (I/A) Technology: Wastewater Treatment to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Costs [Brochure], August 1984 832/R-84-105 ERIC: R031
Innovative and Alternative Technology Assessment Manual, February 1980 430/9-78-009 ERIC: U057

NTIS: PB81-103277

Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: 1985 Progress Report 832/R-85-107 ERIC: T272

NTIS: PB86-110434

Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: 1986 Progress Report 832/R-86-110 ERIC: U091

NTIS: PB86-247343

Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: 1987 Progress Report 832/R-87-104 ERIC: U108

NTIS: PB87-230165

Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: A Progress Report, 1983 832/R-84-114 ERIC: T214

NTIS: PB84-123072

Innovative and Alternative Technology Projects: A Progress Report, 1984 832/R-84-115 ERIC: T239

NTIS: PB85-108041

Innovative and Alternative Technology: Case Studies, January 1981 430/9-81-010 ERIC: W036

NTIS: PB81-246126

Innovative Technology: Meeting the Challenges of the 80's, September 1980 832/K-80-101 ERIC: U078

NTIS: PB95-157541

Instructional Resources Monograph Series: Activated Sludge, September 1980 430/1-80-008 ERIC: N210

NTIS: PB81-225930

Instructional Resources Monograph Series: Anaerobic Digestion, August 1981 430/1-81-017 ERIC: N212

NTIS: PB95-157533

Instructional Resources Monograph Series: Safety in Wastewater Treatment Systems, June 1981 430/1-81-014 ERIC: N211

NTIS: PB81-247728

Intermittent Sand Filters   ERIC: W040

NTIS: PB95-157517

Intrachannel Clarification: An Update [Brochure], September 1986 832/R-86-103 ERIC: R033
Irrigating With Municipal Effluent: A Socioeconomic Study of Community Experiences, January 1982 600/2-82-009 ERIC: W042

NTIS: PB82-180597

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve: Hillsboro, Oregon,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005p NSCEP: 832/R-93-005p


NTIS: PB95-225983

Jacques Marsh: A Created Wetland in Northeastern Arizona,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005m NSCEP: 832/R-93-005m


NTIS: PB95-226130

Land Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Effluents, 3 Volume Set (Design Factors-I, Design Factors-II, Case Histories-III), January 1976   NTIS: PB-299954
Land Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Effluents: Case Histories, January 1976 625/4-76-010C ERIC: T183

NTIS: PB-259998

Land Treatment of Municipal Wastewater Effluents: Design Factors-I, January 1976 625/4-76-010A ERIC: T184

NTIS: PB-259995

Land Treatment of Wastewaters - A Better Alternative for Water Pollution Control? [Brochure], September 1978 832/R-78-100 ERIC: R036
Land Treatment: Rapid Infiltration - Plan, Design and Construct for Success [Brochure], June 1984 832/R-84-107 ERIC: R037
Large Soil Absorption Systems: Design Suggestions for Success, June 1986 832/R-86-104 ERIC: R038
Lime Handling Systems: Problems and Remedies [Brochure], August 1984 832/R-84-108 NSCEP: 832/R-84-108

ERIC: R039

Limnological Investigation of the Muskegon County, Michigan Wastewater Storage Lagoons: Phase I, September 1975 600/3-75-009 ERIC: WA17

NTIS: PB-245631

Manual of Septic Tank Practice 430/9-75-009 ERIC: T191

NTIS: PB-216240

Manual: Nitrogen Control, September 1993 625/R-93-010 NSCEP: 625/R-93-010

ERIC: W357

NTIS: PB94-159412

Manual: Wastewater Treatment/Disposal for Small Communities, September 1992 625/R-92-005 NSCEP: 625/R-92-005

ERIC: W358

NTIS: PB94-123841

Methods for Improvement of Trickling Filter Plant Performance: Part II--Chemical Addition, January 1977 600/2-77-012 ERIC: W054

NTIS: PB-266424

Moving Toward A Cleaner Environment Managing Onsite Decentralized Wastewater Systems (PDF), August 1999 () 832/F-99-056 NSCEP: 832/F-99-056

WRC: 832/F-99-056

ERIC: G273

Mt. View Project: A Community Success Story, [broken link]September 1993 832/R-93-005f NSCEP: 832/R-93-005f


NTIS: PB95-225959

Multiple-Hearth and Fluid Bed Sludge Incinerators: Design and Operational Considerations, September 1985 430/9-85-002 ERIC: N362

NTIS: PB86-179660

Municipal Management Systems, March 1980 832/B-87-101 ERIC: W060

NTIS: PB95-159208

Municipal Sewage Treatment: A Comparison of Alternatives [Final], February 1974 832/R-74-100 ERIC: W062

NTIS: PB95-159182

Municipal Sludge Management: Environmental Factors, October 1977 430/9-77-004 ERIC: U036

NTIS: PB-277622

Municipal Technology Network News, March 1990 832/N-90-100 ERIC: W372

NTIS: PB95-159174

Municipal Technology Network News, October 1990 832/N-90-101 ERIC: W847

NTIS: PB95-159166

Municipal Wastewater Aquaculture, June 1978 600/2-78-110 ERIC: W064

NTIS: PB-284352

Municipal Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment: Technological Progress and Emerging Issues 1988, September 1988 832/R-88-100 ERIC: T292

NTIS: PB89-143390

Municipal Wastewater Disinfection: Protecting Aquatic Life and Human Health from the Impacts of Chlorination [Brochure], February 1991 832/F-91-001 NSCEP: 832/F-91-001

ERIC: R041

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge and Liquid Sidestreams, June 1976 430/9-76-007 ERIC: W065

NTIS: PB-255769

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technology Fact Sheets   ERIC: U157

NTIS: PB91-171371

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technology Transfer Activities of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1988 600/D-88-032 ERIC: W066

NTIS: PB88-171426

Natural Systems for Wastewater Reclamation and Resource Enhancement: Arcata, California,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005c ERIC: WA76

NTIS: PB95-226007

Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment in Cold Climates [Brochure], September 1987 832/R-87-103 ERIC: R042
Natural Wetlands for Wastewater Polishing: Houghton Lake, Michigan,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005b ERIC: WA73
Nitrate Removal from Water by Ion Exchange - Executive Summary, November 1977 600/8-77-015 ERIC: W078

NTIS: PB-277092

Nitrification of Secondary Municipal Waste Effluents by Rotating Bio-Discs, June 1978 600/2-78-061 ERIC: W079

NTIS: PB-285240

On-Site Operator Training Program: Success in Every Region!, August 1988 832/F-88-100 ERIC: W851

NTIS: PB95-157368

Onsite Oversite, July 1990 832/N-90-102 ERIC: W084
Onsite Oversite, May 1989 832/N-90-101 ERIC: W085
Onsite Oversite, September 1988 832/N-90-102 ERIC: W086
Onsite Wastewater Disposal Alternatives - A Methodology for Evaluation: A Case History in 208 Water Quality Management Planning, March 1978 440/3-77-021 ERIC: W087

NTIS: PB95-158986

Onsite Wastewater Disposal Distribution Networks for Subsurface Soil Absorption Systems 830/R-82-101 ERIC: W088

NTIS: PB95-158978

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Addendum No.1 to the February 1975 Part IIIB Calculation Procedures for Step-Feed Process Responses, August 1975   ERIC: N221

NTIS: PB95-158929

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Appendix, March 1974 330/9-74-001d ERIC: N222

NTIS: PB-258593

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Part I - Observations, May 1974 330/9-74-001a ERIC: N219

NTIS: PB-228741

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Part II - Control Tests, May 1974 330/9-74-001b ERIC: N219

NTIS: PB-228742

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Part IIIA - Calculation Procedures, Rev. November 1975 330/9-74-001c ERIC: N220
Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Part IIIA - Calculation Procedures, December 1975 330/9-74-001c ERIC: W541

NTIS: PB-231598

Operational Control Procedures for the Activated Sludge Process: Part IIIB - Calculation Procedures for Step-Feed Processes, February 1975 330/9-74-001e ERIC: W540

NTIS: PB-258268

Overland Flow Treatment of Raw Wastewater With Enhanced Phosphorous Removal, June 1976 600/2-76-131 ERIC: W091

NTIS: PB-257157

Overland Flow: A Decade of Progress, February 1984 832/B-84-100 ERIC: T273

NTIS: PB85-233146

Overland Flow: An Update--New Information Improves Reliability [Brochure], October 1984 832/R-84-109 NSCEP: 832/R-84-109

ERIC: R045

Package Water Treatment Plants: Volume 1 - A Performance Evaluation, July 1980 600/2-80-008a ERIC: W092

NTIS: PB81-110934

Package Water Treatment Plants: Volume 2 - A Cost Evaluation, July 1980 600/2-80-008b ERIC: W386

NTIS: PB81-102717

Pintail Lake and Redhead Marsh: Created Wetlands in Northern Arizona,[broken link] September 1993 832/R-93-005L NSCEP: 832/R-93-005L


NTIS: PB95-225991

Pollution Prevention Begins With You [Brochure], July 1990 20W-0001 ERIC: R046
Practical Technology: Composting - A Viable Method of Resource Recovery [Brochure], June 1984 832/R-84-110 ERIC: R001
Practical Technology: Hydrograph Controlled Release Lagoons - A Promising Modification [Brochure], July 1984 832/R-84-111 NSCEP: 832/R-84-111

ERIC: R076

Practical Technology: Land Application of Sludge--A Viable Alternative [Brochure], September 1983 832/R-83-108 NSCEP: 832/R-83-108

ERIC: R077

Practical Technology: Rapid Infiltration - A Viable Land Treatment Alternative [Brochure], September 1983 832/R-83-109 ERIC: R002
Preliminary Treatment Facilities: Design and Operational Considerations, September 1987 430/9-87-007 ERIC: U119

NTIS: PB88-124078

Pressure and Vacuum Sewer Demonstration Project - Bend, Oregon, September 1978 600/2-78-166 ERIC: W660

NTIS: PB-287146

Primer for Wastewater Treatment, July 1980 832/K-80-100 ERIC: U004

NTIS: PB95-158721

1976 Primer on Wastewater Treatment, July 1976   ERIC: W668
Proceedings of the US EPA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technology Forum 1991, September 1991 430/9-91-020 ERIC: U129

NTIS: PB92-116060

Proceedings of the US EPA Municipal Wastewater Treatment Technology Forum 1990, September 1990 430/9-91-015 ERIC: W684

NTIS: PB91-104265

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