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Water: Healthy Watersheds

Healthy Watersheds Initiative: National Framework and Action Plan 2011

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Healthy Watersheds Initiative National Framework and Action Plan 2011

The Healthy Watersheds Initiative National Framework and Action Plan 2011 is a collaborative product of EPA headquarters and the regions and our State and federal partners with input from non-governmental organizations. State partners include both the Association of Clean Water Administrators Agencies and Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. The Action Plan presents a clear, consistent framework for action, both internally among EPA's own programs and externally in working with our partners. The Action Plan describes the HWI, including its vision, guiding principles, goals and objectives; and presents an implementation framework for actions by EPA headquarters, Regions, and States. This Action Plan is a living document that will guide EPA and our State partner efforts to meet EPA's Strategic Plan Goal 2 Objective of protecting and restoring watersheds and aquatic ecosystems.

Healthy Watersheds Initiative National Framework and Action Plan 2011 (PDF) (28 pp, 8.7MB, About PDF)

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