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Water: Nonpoint Source Success Stories

Wyoming: Hunter Creek


wy_hunter2 Figure 2. Photo of the project site taken immediately after WDEQ and USFS realigned the road and established a wider buffer area. A white mesh placed on the new riparian area will help hold the soil until vegetation can become established.

After completing the road construction project in the early summer of 2003, the amount of fine sediment in lower Hunter Creek declined. Before the project, sediment covered approximately 57 percent of the streambed in the study reach; within one year of implementing the BMPs, sediment covered only 38 percent of the streambed. With the reduction in new sediment inputs to this stream, the project team expects that spring runoff from snowmelt will continue to remove preexisting material. WDEQ determined that the road modifications and changes in maintenance have reduced sediment impacts and that lower Hunter Creek now fully supports all its aquatic life uses. Therefore, WDEQ removed lower Hunter Creek from Wyoming's 303(d) list in 2004 for sediment.

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Partners and Funding

A total of $675,000 in annual CWA section 319 performance partnership grants funded Hunter Creek effectiveness monitoring. These funds supported WDEQ 319 grant program staff that worked with the USFS to implement this project.

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wy_hunter3 Figure 3. A newly-constructed ditch along the road conveys water away from stream and into a sediment basin.

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