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Water: Polluted Runoff

Process for Applying for 319(h) Funds

Clean Water Act Section 319(h) funds are provided only to designated state and tribal agencies to implement their approved nonpoint source management programs. State and tribal nonpoint source programs include a variety of components, including technical assistance, financial assistance, education, training, technology transfer, demonstration projects, and regulatory programs. Each year, EPA awards Section 319(h) funds to states in accordance with a state-by-state allocation formula that EPA has developed in consultation with the states.

In accordance with guidance issued by EPA under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act, Section 319(h) funding decisions are made by the states. States submit their proposed funding plans to EPA. If a state’s funding plan is consistent with grant eligibility requirements and procedures, EPA then awards the funds to the state.

For state-specific application information, please contact your state NPS coordinator.

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