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Water: Best Management Practices

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

Poorly maintained BMPs can result in significant quantities of sediment being discharged to storm drains.

Uncontrolled stormwater runoff from construction sites can significantly impact rivers, lakes and estuaries. Sediment in waterbodies from construction sites can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic plants, clog fish gills, smother aquatic habitat and spawning areas, and impede navigation.

Phase II MS4s are required to develop a program to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff to the MS4 for construction sites disturbing one or more acres. This primarily includes developing:

  • An ordinance,
  • Requirements to implement erosion and sediment control best managment practices (BMPs),
  • Requirements to control other waste at the construction site,
  • Procedures for reviewing construction site plans,
  • Procedures to receive and consider information submitted by the public, and
  • Procedures for inspections and enforcement of stormwater requirements at construction sites.

In addition to the stormwater requirements that Phase II MS4s place on construction sites, construction operators must also apply for NPDES permit coverage if their project disturbs at least one acre and discharges to a waterbody. A description of these requirements is available at EPA's stormwater construction website.

Additional information on this minimum measure, including the stormwater Phase II regulatory requirements for construction site runoff control and a fact sheet on the construction minimum measure (4 pp, 256K, About PDF), is also available.

Key BMPs and Resources:

MS4s addressing the construction minimum measure should focus on the following four key BMPs to help them in developing a stormwater construction program.

BMP Fact Sheets:

The fact sheets in this section describe BMPs and how to use them to help municipal stormwater programs and construction site operators comply with the stormwater Phase II requirements.

EPA has started updating these fact sheets to include new practices and technologies. Several of these updated fact sheets are now available in PDF format.

   Municipal Program Oversight
     Construction Phase Plan Review
     Contractor Training and Certification
     Local Ordinances for Construction Site Runoff Control
     Municipal Construction Inspection Program
   Construction Site Planning and Management
     Construction Sequencing
     Construction Site Operator BMP Inspection and Maintenance
     Land Grading
     Preserving Natural Vegetation
   Erosion Control
     Chemical Stabilization
     Compost Blankets (6 pp, 887K, About PDF)
     Dust Control
     Gradient Terraces
     Soil Retention
     Soil Roughening
     Temporary Slope Drain
     Temporary Stream Crossings
     Wind Fences and Sand Fences
   Runoff Control
     Check Dams
     Grass-Lined Channels
     Permanent Slope Diversions
     Temporary Diversion Dikes
   Sediment Control
     Brush Barrier
     Compost Filter Berms
     Compost Filter Socks
     Construction Entrances
     Fiber Rolls
     Filter Berms
     Sediment Basins and Rock Dams
     Sediment Filters and Sediment Chambers
     Sediment Traps
     Silt Fences (5 pp, 1.2MB, About PDF)
     Storm Drain Inlet Protection
     Straw or Hay Bales
     Vegetated Buffers
   Good Houskeeping/Materials Management
     Concrete Washout (5 pp, 929K, About PDF)
     General Construction Site Waste Management
     Spill Prevention and Control Plan
     Vehicle Maintenance and Washing Areas at Construction Sites
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Note: If you are referencing this page, please use this alias web address: http://www.epa.gov/npdes/stormwater/menuofbmps/construction

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