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Water: Basics

State Program Status

Click here (1 pg, 684K, About PDF)[PDF Format] to view a map depicting state authorization status.

Click here to view specific approval dates and comments.

State Approved State NPDES Permit Program
Approved to Regulate Federal Facilities
Approved State Pretreatment Program
Approved General Permits Program
Approved Biosolids (Sludge) Program
Alabama  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Alaska*  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
American Samoa
Arizona  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Arkansas  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
California  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Colorado  checkmark      checkmark  
Connecticut  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Delaware  checkmark      checkmark  
District of Columbia
Florida  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Georgia  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Hawaii  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Illinois  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Indiana  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Iowa  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Johnston Atoll
Kansas  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Kentucky  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Louisiana  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Maine  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Maryland  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Michigan  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Midway Island
Minnesota  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Mississippi  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Missouri  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Montana  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Nebraska  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Nevada  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
New Hampshire
New Jersey
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
New Mexico
New York
 checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
North Carolina
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
North Dakota
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Northern Mariana Islands
Ohio  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Oklahoma**  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Oregon  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Pennsylvania  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
South Carolina
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
South Dakota
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Tennessee  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Texas***  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Utah  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Vermont  checkmark    checkmark  checkmark  
Virgin Islands
 checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  
Virginia  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Wake Island
Washington  checkmark    checkmark  checkmark  
West Virginia
 checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  
Wisconsin  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark  checkmark
Wyoming  checkmark  checkmark    checkmark  

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