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Water: Tribal Training

2010 CWA Curriculum

The following training opportunities will be available in 2010:

diamond1 Indicates that a particular course is specifically targeted to those involved with tribal programs.

100–level courses

100–level courses provide a foundation and the fundamentals for an understanding of CWA programs and how those programs function. Knowledge and skills obtained through these courses will give attendees a more focused view of the requirements and challenges involved in developing and implementing water quality programs.

CWA-NPDES Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) 2-day Training Course diamond1
Finding Common Ground: Building Partnerships to Better Manage our Water Resources
Introduction to Water Quality Standards (WQS) diamond1
Introduction to the 319 Tribal Handbook diamond1
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program Workshop For Tribes diamond1
T-SWAMS Tribal Surface Water and Monitoring Strategies diamond1
Treatment in a Manner Similar to a State (TAS) diamond1
Water Quality Standards Academy - Basic Course

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200–level courses

200–level courses are designed for individuals who require more in–depth training to develop tribal water quality programs under their own water quality codes or to prepare them to pursue more mature water quality programs under the CWA. The 100–level courses lay the foundation and framework for the 200–level courses.

EPA Region 9 Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 106 Training for Tribes diamond1
Region 9 Webinar for Tribes on NPDES Pesticides General Permit (PGP) Requirements and How to Submit an Application
STORET/WQX and Tribal Data Management diamond1
Water Quality Standards Workshop for Tribes diamond1

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300–level courses

300–level courses provide more advanced administrative, technical, policy and regulatory training. These courses focus on "real–world" situations that tribal reservation programs may face in implementing water quality programs under the CWA in every–day situations. These courses provide the degree of training that tribes will require to develop, manage and administer sophisticated water quality programs. The 100– and 200–level courses are a recommended pre-requisite to the 300–level courses.

NPDES Permit Writers' Training Course

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