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Water: Drinking Water Academy

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Welcome to the Drinking Water Academy’s online training page. To facilitate the learning process, EPA staff is available to answer questions regarding Drinking Water Academy materials through the "Ask an Expert" box on the right.


Our training is broken up into the categories listed below.


These trainings provide a general understanding of Safe Drinking Water Act programs and implementation.

Online Training

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Training Files

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Climate Ready Water Utilities

National Drinking Water Rules

These files were created to assist regions and states with rule implementation.

  • Arsenic Rule
    This Web page offers a number of downloads with Arsenic Rule information, tools, compliance help, treatment technologies, and success stories.
  • Contaminant Candidate List (PowerPoint File) (115K)
    Explains the Contaminant Candidate List history, compliance schedule, and regulatory determinations.
  • Consumer Confidence Report
    This Web page offers implementation instructions and frequently asked questions.
  • Lead and Copper Rule
    This Web page provides training files regarding the 2000 revisions as well as information and compliance guidelines. 
  • Radionuclides Rule
    An extensive collection of informative files from past Webcasts.
  • Regulating Microbial Contaminants
    Provides training files covering the following rules:
    • Filter Backwash Recycling Rule
    • Ground Water Rule
    • Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
    • Long Term 1 Surface Water Treatment Rule
    • Long Term 2 Surface Water Treatment Rule
    • Stage 1 Disinfectant/Disinfection Byproducts Rule
    • Stage 2 Disinfectant/Disinfection Byproducts Rule
    • Surface Water Treatment Rule
    • Total Coliform Rule

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Public Water System Supervision Program

These files were created for state agencies tasked with starting new safe drinking water programs.

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Public Water System Operation

These files provide information about water systems and water system operation and development.

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Sanitary Survey Training

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Source Water Protection Program

Learn how EPA protects source waters from contaminants.

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Underground Injection Control Program

These files provide a background on wells, well permitting, and mandatory Fall-off Testing.

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Water Laboratory (WLA) Training Center

The purpose of the WLA Training Program is to familiarize WLA member laboratories, WLA users, and Water Sector stakeholders with WLA response procedures, analytical methods, sample handling recommendations, data reporting, and supporting tools.

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Slides from Past Webcasts

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