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Water: WaterKids

Water for Kids

These are sites with information about water.

  • Exploring Estuaries
    This site for kids, allows visitors to explore and learn more about estuaries. The site has games, activities and nice tours of two estuaries in the National Estuary Program (NEP).
  • What's Up With Our Nation's Waters? (HTML, PDF)
    This booklet, designed primarily for middle-school-aged youth, presents key findings of the EPA’s National Water Quality Report in an easy-to-read fashion and includes projects for school or fun, a water quiz, and a glossary and resources for more information.
  • Meet Thirstin and his adventures in Ground Water and Drinking Water - Interactive games, activities for kids and teachers.

  • Wetlands
    Science, education, and information resources for kids.
  • Marine Debris Curriculum: Turning the Tide on Trash
    Each unit has several activities included, each with a subject activity, an objective, vocabulary list, materials needed, learning skills to be developed by the activity, and an estimated time to complete the activity.
  • Nonpoint Source Kids Page
    Games and links to educational materials to teach children about pollution and the environment. This site features Darby Duck and the Aquatic Crusaders and Masterbug Theater.
  • Office of Wastewater Management
    Site has a few puzzles and a Navajo nation water quality brochure for kids.
  • Water Drop Patch Program
    This project was jointly developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital (GSCNC). The purpose of the project is to encourage girls to:
    • Make a difference in their communities by becoming watershed and wetlands stewards
    • Use their skills and their knowledge to educate others in their community about the need to protect the nation's valuable water resources
    • Explore the natural world to gain an interest in science and math
    • Use the Internet as a source of information
  • Water Drops
    Science fun for Kids in the Water Environment
  • All Along a River Exit EPA Disclaimer
    This site was developed by students in Singapore from the Chinese High School. The site discusses physical aspects of rivers including erosion, volume, and velocity. The site includes case studies about the Singapore River and the River Rhine.
  • Life on the Rocky Shore Exit EPA Disclaimer
    This site is about ocean tidepools. It has activities, quizes, and information about animals and the tidepool lifestyle.
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

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