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Water: Kids


Play games and learn about beaches near you, or in other parts of the country.

Drinking Water
Extensive educational material available with activities and experiments for grades K-12.

Estuaries are where rivers meet up with oceans. Learn more about estuaries here, with games, activities, and virtual tours.

Did you know some kinds of fish are safer to eat than others? These fun stories and games will help you and your family choose your fish wisely, whether you catch them yourself or buy them in a store.

Polluted Runoff
Water from storms can wash all kinds of stuff down drains and into our water supply. Learn how to help clean up stormwater, and how to prevent pollution in logging, mining, and farming areas.

Create art or work on projects and experiments that teach you how to protect our environment.

WaterSense Kids
Visit this site to learn about the importance of water efficiency and simple ways that you can help save water. Be sure to "Test Your WaterSense" with our interactive game.

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