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Water: Consumer Confidence Report Rule

CCR Rule

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Consumer Confidence Report Rule Retrospective Review

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Rule was included in U.S. EPA’s Final Plan for Periodic Retrospective Reviews of Existing Regulations (August 2011).

The CCR Rule Retrospective Review began in October 2011 and was completed in December 2012.

Electronic Delivery of the CCR

Over the past few years, a number of community water systems, technical assistance providers and primacy agencies have inquired as to whether the CCR Rule allows electronic delivery of the CCR to each customer. EPA evaluated several electronic delivery methods to determine which forms meet existing CCR Rule requirements as a part of the CCR Rule Retrospective Review.

This EPA interpretive memorandum SDWA – Consumer Confidence Report Rule Delivery Options, dated January 2013, clarifies the requirements of the CCR Rule associated with the delivery of the CCR. The memorandum’s attachment, Consumer Confidence Report Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations, provides an overview of electronic delivery methods and describes approaches for community water systems that may want to implement electronic delivery. It is important to note that the attachment provides a framework of information, recommendations and interpretations of existing CCR Rule provisions. It is not a rulemaking action and does not add to or replace any existing CCR Rule requirements. It also does not supersede any additional primacy agency or tribal requirements for content or delivery of CCRs.

CCR Rule Retrospective Review Summary

During public meetings, stakeholders identified five areas in the CCR Rule in which the EPA could potentially improve the effectiveness of communicating drinking water information to the public or reduce the burden of community water systems and primacy agencies. The five areas include the following:

  1. CCR understandability;
  2. Reporting MCLs in numbers greater than or equal to 1.0;
  3. Reporting period for including a Tier 3 Public Notice (PN) in the CCR;
  4. The certification of CCR delivery and content by the community water system to the primacy agency; and;
  5. Electronic delivery of the CCR.
This document summarizes the CCR Rule Retrospective Review process and findings and potential follow-up actions.

Public Outreach

Consumer Confidence Reports for Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Retrospective Review (2.26) Public Docket

This docket holds public comments, public meeting summaries and background materials for the CCR Rule Retrospective Review:

Federal Register Notices

Draft Document & Presentation for Review

  • For Public Comment: Consumer Confidence Report Electronic Delivery Approaches and Considerations- Comment Period closed October 11, 2012
    Draft Consumer Confidence Report Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations (PDF) (8 pp, 283K)
    Document provides an overview of electronic delivery methods and describes ways CWSs can best approach delivery of their CCRs to their bill paying customers if they so choose.
  • Public Meeting Materials from October 1, 2012 Listening Session
    Consumer Confidence Report Rule Retrospective Review: Electronic Delivery (PDF) (48 pp, 301K)
    Listening session presentation of the Draft CCR Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations document. Describes the electronic delivery methods and approaches, electronic delivery program considerations, limitations and advantages matrix of the methods and additional aspects of CCR Rule requirements.

Consumer Confidence Report Rule

Rule Making History

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