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Water: Regulatory Info by Business Sector

Regulatory Info by Business Sector

Safe Drinking Water Act

  • Drinking Water Utilities
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards that, when combined with protecting ground water and surface water, are critical to ensuring safe drinking water. Working with states, tribes and its many partners, including drinking water utilities, these regulations protect public health.
  • Oil and Gas Industry
    The Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program is responsible for regulating the construction, operation, permitting, and closure of injection wells that place fluids underground for storage or disposal. Owners and operators of injection wells, along with state regulators learn how to safely operate injection wells to prevent contamination of underground drinking water resources.
  • Small Businesses with On-Site Disposal (Class V Injection Wells)
    Under the UIC program, Class V wells make up the majority of wells regulated.  Owners and operators of on-site disposal systems must use them properly.  If not, contamination of ground water sources of drinking water can take place.  This class of well has some unique businesses such as dry cleaners, nail salons, photo processors, carwashes and gas stations to name just a few.
  • Drinking Water Laboratories
    Public water systems must demonstrate that their water meets health based standards by periodically monitoring for the presence of specific contaminants. EPA carries out a program to ensure that laboratories are certified as qualified to conduct analyses on drinking water samples.  EPA also approves analytical methods that must be used when analyzing these samples.
  • Drinking Water Security
    A heightened awareness of security at the nation's critical drinking water and wastewater systems have required owners and operators at these facilities to reduce risks from, and provide protection against, possible natural disasters and intentional terrorist attacks.
  • Schools & Child Care Facilities
    This one-stop EPA site provides information about drinking water quality in schools and child care facilities. 
  • Airline Industry
    The Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR) is tailored to the unique operational characteristics of aircraft water systems and will ensure that safe and reliable drinking water is provided to aircraft passengers and crew.

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