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Water: Climate

Climate Resilience Evaluation & Awareness Tool (CREAT)

Climate Resilience Evaluation & Awareness Tool (CREAT) Logo

EPA has developed CREAT, a software tool to assist drinking water and wastewater utility owners and operators in understanding potential climate change threats and in assessing the related risks at their individual utilities. CREAT provides users with access to the most recent national assessment of climate change impacts for use in considering how these changes will impact utility operations and missions. Version 2.0 is now available for download free of charge.

CREAT allows users to evaluate potential impacts of climate change on their utility and to evaluate adaptation options to address these impacts using both traditional risk assessment and scenario-based decision making. CREAT provides libraries of drinking water and wastewater utility assets (e.g., water resources, treatment plants, pump stations) that could be impacted by climate change, possible climate change-related threats (e.g., flooding, drought, water quality), and adaptive measures that can be implemented to reduce the impacts of climate change. The tool guides users through identifying threats based on regional differences in climate change projections and designing adaptation plans based on the types of threats being considered. Following assessment, CREAT provides a series of risk reduction and cost reports that will allow the user to evaluate various adaptation options as part of long-term planning.

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System Requirements:
To run CREAT, the following minimum system hardware and software requirements must be met:             

  • IBM PC compatible processor           
  • CD-ROM drive          
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)        
  • 250MB of available Hard Disk Space           
  • Microsoft© Windows XP SP3, or Microsoft© Windows 7      
  • 1080 x 1024 pixels minimum screen resolution
  • Microsoft© Word 2003 and Excel 2003 or later (necessary to generate reports)
  • Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • Microsoft© Media Player© or a media player capable of playing MP4 files (for viewing training videos)
  • Adobe© Reader/Acrobat© for viewing Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Download Requirements:
After registering and downloading CREAT: 

  1. Unzip the file into a temporary directory; and
  2. Double click on the file Setup.exe to begin guided installation process.
A CREAT icon will be placed on your desktop during the installation process and a new program listing will be created.

It is highly recommended that users go to the Microsoft website and download the most current updates for their operating system. Depending on system memory (RAM) and operating system, training videos may exhibit some video errors during playback within CREAT. Files are not corrupt. Use of a default video player may improve results. Use the link to the "video directory" to access and view video files outside of CREAT.


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