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Water: U.S. Mexico Border Program

U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program

Improving Public Health and the Environment in U.S.-Mexico Border Communities

The U.S.-Mexico border region is a dynamic area where public health and environmental challenges are interconnected, populations intermingle, and water resources are shared by both countries. The EPA U.S.-Mexico Border Water Infrastructure Program works collaboratively to address critical public health and environmental problems at the source by providing often first-time drinking and wastewater services to underserved communities.

Since the program's creation in 1997, much has been accomplished along both sides of the border, including reducing public health risks, increasing the environmental health of the area, and generating large economic benefits.

US Mexico Border Figure


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Our Partners

  • Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC) Exit EPA Disclaimer
  • North American Development Bank (NADB) Exit EPA Disclaimer
  • Mexican Water Commission (CONAGUA) Exit EPA Disclaimer


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