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Water: Septic (Onsite / Decentralized) Systems

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EPA is holding its third annual SepticSmart Week
from September 21-25, 2015!  Learn more.

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Welcome to SepticSmart! Did you know that nearly one in five U.S. homes have septic systems? Yours may be one of them. If you’re not properly maintaining your septic system, you’re not only hurting the environment, you’re putting your family’s health at risk—and may be flushing thousands of dollars down the drain!
EPA’s SepticSmart initiative is a nation-wide public education effort that aims to inform homeowners living on properties serviced by septic systems on the importance of properly maintaining their septic system and provide valuable resources to help homeowners make important decisions regarding their wastewater management needs. The initiative also provides resources for outreach organizations and government leaders who seek to promote this message locally.

Learn more about how your septic system works and simple, everyday tips on how to properly maintain it.

  • The Basics: Do you have questions about how septic systems work? Do you know whether or not your property is serviced by a septic system?
  • Why should you maintain your septic system?: Learn the benefits to keeping a properly maintained septic system. The facts may surprise you.
  • How to properly care for your system: Septic system maintenance isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Follow these maintenance tips to help ensure your system continues to operate reliably.
  • Homeowner Resources: Want to know more?
  • Outreach Toolkit: Need help developing and launching your local septic education campaign? Visit this page for a full list of SepticSmart tools and materials.
Looking to Launch a Local Outreach Campaign?
  • Check out the SepticSmart Outreach Toolkit!Toolbox

    Government officials, industry professionals, environmental groups, and other local organizations can access ready-to-use educational materials, case studies, and more.

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Contact SepticSmart Staff: 
Phone: 208/378-5626

E-Mail: decentralized@epa.gov

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