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Water: Green Infrastructure

Registration Form

The purpose of this registration form is to allow EPA to confirm your team's eligibility and to assign your team a registration number.  Only one registration form should be submitted per team.

Please select one student on your team who will serve as your student point of contact and provide his/her name and email address below:

  • Please select one faculty advisor who will serve as your faculty point of contact and provide his/her name, email address, and department below.  Your team may have more than one faculty advisor, but only one can be designated on this form. 

  • Please indicate the number of students you expect to participate in your team and list all the departments represented by these participants.  This information may change after you submit your registration form.

  • Please provide the name and location of your school, as well as whether your school qualifies as a small institution or large institution.  As stated in the competition brief, large institutions will be defined as those receiving more than $35 million per year in federal funding for research and development, while small institutions will be defined as those receiving less than $35 million per year, as listed in the Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions Exit EPA Disclaimer(See Table 12, column 2. Note that institutions that are not listed will be defined as small.) 
  • Entry Group (Large or Small Institution):

  • Please press the button below to submit your registration form.  You will receive confirmation that your form was received and a registration number within 3 business days.

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