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Water: Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Local Successes and Innovations

Local successes and innovations highlight specific examples of innovative uses of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF). All documents are available below for free viewing and downloading in Portable Document File (PDF) format. Alternatively, printed copies are available as described in additional ordering information. For more information about PDF format, see EPA's "About Portable Document Files" web page.

Select a key topic below, or scroll to view the complete list of documents:

Contamination Cleanup and Remediation | Back to Top
Ohio CWSRF Provides Loans to Brownfield Remediation Projects (PDF) (1pp, 90K)

Funding Innovations | Back to Top
New York's Cross Investment Structure (PDF) (5pp, 144K)
New Jersey's Cross Collateralization Structure (PDF) (4pp, 126K)
Michigan Short-term Cross Collateralization Structure (PDF) (4pp, 127K)
Ohio's Restoration Sponsor Program Integrates Point Source & Nonpoint Source Projects (PDF) (4pp, 56K)

Nonpoint Source, Watershed Protection, and Estuary | Back to Top
New York City Applies for $27 Million CWSRF Loan for Watershed Land Acquisition (PDF) (1pp, 91K)
New York CWSRF Makes $75 Million Land Acquisition Loan in Pine Barrens (PDF) (1pp, 156K)
California CWSRF Loans $8 Million to The Nature Conservancy (PDF) (2pp, 225K)
Napa County "Living River Strategy" to Provide Flood Protection (PDF) (2pp, 149K)
Ohio CWSRF Provides Loans for Development Best Management Practices (PDF) (1pp, 93K)
Ohio CWSRF Provides Loans for Riparian Zone Conservation (PDF) (1pp, 98K)
CWSRF Funded Wetlands Projects (PDF) (3pp, 62K)

Planning and Fund Management | Back to Top
Integrated Planning and Priority Setting in the Clean Water SRF Program (PDF) (76pp, 2MB)
One-Stop Shopping in the Clean Water SRF Program (PDF) (8pp, 676K)
Clean Water State Revolving Fund: Practical Approaches to Improving Pace (PDF) (32pp, 2.3MB)
Accelerated Loan Commitment in California and Oregon (PDF) (6pp, 114K)
South Carolina Subrecipient Loan Monitoring (PDF) (7pp, 67K)

Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) Awards | Back to Top
PISCES Award Winners

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view a number of Adobe PDF documents. Click here to read About Portable Document Format Files.

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