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Water: Clean Water Financing

Final CWA Section 106 Tribal Grant Guidance


Promoting Environmental Results

A final Guidance on Awards of Grants to Indian Tribes under Section 106 of the Clean Water Act is intended to help Tribal water quality program managers, staff, and other Tribal environmental decision makers design and implement effective and successful water quality programs. It also establishes procedures and guidelines for EPA Regions to consider when awarding and administering grants to federally recognized Tribes.

The final Guidance is designed to help Tribal water quality programs at various levels of sophistication and development. For new programs, it explains how to successfully initiate and develop a water quality program. For Tribes with well-established programs, it contains information on expanding a water quality program. To meet the needs of Tribes at all levels, the Guidance presents the basic steps a Tribe would take to collect the information it will need to make effective decisions about its program, its goals, and its future direction.

Reporting requirements and data management expectations for all Tribal programs are a key component of the Guidance. Tribes are developing Tribal Assessment Reports that contain information about water quality on tribal land and demonstrates national results for the Section 106 Tribal program. The Tribal Assessment Report consists of: (1) a description of the monitoring strategy; (2) a water quality assessment; and (3) surface water quality monitoring data submitted electronically in a STORET-compatible format.

Three supplemental documents have been developed to assist Tribes in completing their Tribal Assessment Reports. These supplements further clarify the reporting requirements outlined in the Tribal 106 Guidance, and serve as additional tools for EPA and tribal staff to use as they implement the Guidance.

  • Developing a Tribal Monitoring Strategy (PDF) (25pp., 324Kb, About PDF) lays out the decisions and analysis that Tribes must address to produce a monitoring strategy. The supplement provides formats and clearly identifies required information.
  • Data Assessment and Reporting (PDF) (18pp., 247Kb, About PDF) supports the development of a water quality assessment by providing a discussion of approaches to analyzing water quality data and reporting conclusions made in regard to the quality of water bodies and environmental conditions.
  • Data Management (PDF) (30pp., 463Kb, About PDF) provides an overview of data management principles that support both tribes' data use and successful submission of data to EPA.
Additional Documents

How to Get Additional Information

For a copy of this Guidance, please contact Robyn Delehanty (delehanty.robyn@epa.gov) 202 564-3880. Copies of this Guidance may also be obtained by contacting the EPA Regional Tribal Coordinators, or by downloading it from the link above. To find the e-Docket, please follow the instructions listed under the “Addresses” section of the Federal Register Notice.

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