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Water: Protect Your Health

Health Advisories

EPA is committed to protecting human health. The following programs are designed to reduce human exposure to contaminants in water.

See also: Drinking Water and Your Health; Protecting Human Health; Children's Health; Related Human Health Topics.

Consumption Advisories

  • Fish and Wildlife Consumption Advisories
    Information on United States and Canadian fish and wildlife consumption advisories and EPA guidance documents in issuing advisories.
  • Shellfish Protection
  • National Fish Tissue Study
    EPA is conducting a screening-level study to estimate the national distribution of selected persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemical residues in fish tissue from lakes and reservoirs of the continental United States.

Other Advisories

  • Drinking Water and Health Advisories
    Information on drinking water regulations and health advisories.
  • Beach Advisories
    Information to help protect people from waterborne diseases at the beach and EPA's annual National Health Protection Survey of Beaches for last year's swimming season.


  • Human Health Criteria
    Methodology, technical information and guidance for deriving water quality criteria for the protection of human health.

Risk Assessment

  • Federal-State Toxicology and Risk Analysis Committee (FSTRAC)
    Information on the cooperative state and federal effort to develop well-rounded, integrated approaches to the assessment, management, communication of and standard-setting for risks from exposure to pollutants.

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