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EPA Issues Federal Register Notice Seeking Stakeholder Input on Requests to Revise the Performance Standards for Marine Sanitation Devices (Clean Water Act § 312(b))

EPA received a petition for rulemaking and another separate request for rulemaking (collectively, "rulemaking requests") asking the Agency to revise its regulations establishing performance standards for marine sanitation devices (MSDs) (devices that treat vessel sewage) pursuant to the Agency's authority under section 312(b)(1) of the Clean Water Act (CWA). The rulemaking petition also requests that EPA establish monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the CWA to ensure compliance with the performance standards.

In order to help the Agency determine appropriate action in response to these requests, EPA is issuing a Federal Register Notice that:

  1. Notifies the public that EPA has received rulemaking requests asking the Agency to revise the performance standards for MSDs;
  2. Provides a summary of the requests;
  3. Seeks public comment on the rulemaking requests; and
  4. Solicits additional technical input and factual information that will be useful to the Agency as it considers how it might respond to the requests.

The Notice will be available for comment for 120 days after it is published in Federal Register. Please refer to the Federal Register Notice for additional information about submitting comments.

July 12, 2010 Federal Register Notice (PDF) (9 pp, 210K, About PDF)

Questions and Answers about EPA's Federal Register Notice (PDF) (2 pp, 28K, About PDF)

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