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Water: Water Efficiency Leaders Award

2006 WEL Winners

2006 was the first year of awards. Recognition was awarded in five categories in 2006: Corporate/Industry, Organizations/Teams/Institutions, Government/Military, Utilities/Water Districts, and Individuals.


TOTO U.S.A. is the North American division of TOTO, Ltd., the world’s largest plumbing products manufacturer. Toto has demonstrated leadership and innovation in water efficiency through their product development, manufacturing processes, and advocacy. TOTO pioneered the development of the first American 1.6 gpf toilet prior to the 1992 legislation requiring it. TOTO has been at the forefront of high efficiency toilet (1.28 gpf) development as well. Additionally, TOTO has implemented a water recycling program in their manufacturing facility that reduces water use by 18% and has been an active promoter of water efficient products by working with national organizations and offering educational tours of their manufacturing plant.

Advanced Mobile is a mobile carwash company that relies exclusively on sustainable practices. Their innovative practices and water efficient products are comprised of water, soap, and special lubricating agents and require just 5 ounces of total liquid per average car wash. The method has proven both simple and cost-effective, as demonstrated by the numerous municipal and corporate maintenance agreements Advanced Mobile has in place. Advanced Mobile has been recognized by numerous organizations for their commitment to sustainable business practices.


The New York State Funeral Directors Association worked diligently to promote an innovative technology to reduce the volume of water used in an embalming from 120 gallons to 5 gallons. Recent inspections have indicated wide adoption of the technology. Overall water savings in each funeral home that implements the new technology is 96%.


Florida’s Water Reuse Program is a model for efficient use of water on a statewide level. The state’s comprehensive program includes a wide variety of elements, ranging from state regulations to public outreach and reuse feasibility studies. As of 2005, 41% of all wastewater in Florida was treated for reuse, saving over 331 million gallons per day while watering residential lawns, golf courses, and parks.

Utilities/Water Districts

Southern Nevada Water Authority’s Water Smart Program is a collection of strategic initiatives in conservation programming, including progressive policies, aggressive education, and substantial incentive programs. Despite being located in one of the driest and fastest-growing regions of the country, the Water Smart program has saved over 20 billion gallons per year since its inception in 2002. The program includes water efficient landscaping, new homes, private sector partnerships with the landscape, pool, and car wash industries, rebates for smart irrigation controllers, and an annual trade event promoting innovation in water efficient products and practices.


Bill Sartor of the San Antonio Water System has consistently demonstrated leadership and innovation in reducing water usage in that region. He served as the original chairman of the water system’s Community Conservation Committee, established as a result of the drought of 1996. He then developed and implemented a water conservation program for businesses that includes an extensive and multifaceted toilet retrofit program, landscape rebates, horizontal-axis washing machine rebates, certificate programs, water audits, a large-scale (process) retrofit rebate, and workshops and educational programs. As a result of Bill’s programs, the San Antonio Water Systems has realized an annual savings of 3 billion gallons.


Bob Rose
Water Policy Staff
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