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Water: Wetlands

Methods for Evaluating Wetland Condition

EPA prepared these modules to give states and tribes "state-of-the-science" information that will help them develop biological assessment methods to evaluate both the overall ecological condition of wetlands and nutrient enrichment (one of the primary stressors on many wetlands).

Few states monitor wetland health, nor do they fully incorporate wetlands into their water quality programs. Ten states and tribes are now working toward biological assessment, but most have not focused on wetland nutrient assessments. These modules are a starting point to help states and tribes establish biological and nutrient water quality criteria specifically refined for wetlands. When the work is completed, there will be 20 modules addressing the topic.

Fact Sheet about these Modules (December 2001)

Wetland Modules

  1. Introduction to Wetland Biological Assessment (PDF) (42 pp., 1.6 MB)
  2. Introduction to Wetland Nutrient Assessment  1 
  3. The State of Wetland Science  1 
  4. Study Design for Monitoring Wetlands (PDF) (21 pp., 468 K)
  5. Administrative Framework for the Implementation of a Wetland Bioassessment Program  1 
  6. Developing Metrics and Indexes of Biological Integrity (PDF) (45 pp., 599 K)
  7. Wetlands Classification (PDF) (43 pp., 2.2 MB)
  8. Volunteers and Wetland Biomonitoring (PDF) (26 pp., 475 K)
  9. Developing an Invertebrate Index of Biological Integrity for Wetlands (PDF) (57 pp., 1.56 MB)
  10. Using Vegetation To Assess Environmental Conditions in Wetlands (PDF) (46 pp., 2.1 MB)
  11. Using Algae To Assess Environmental Conditions in Wetlands (PDF) (49 pp., 812 K)
  12. Using Amphibians in Bioassessments of Wetlands (PDF) (48 pp., 1.05 MB)
  13. Biological Assessment Methods for Birds (PDF) (22 pp., 813 K)
  14. Wetland Bioassessment Case Studies (PDF) (104 pp., 1.22 MB)
  15. Bioassessment Methods for Fish  1 
  16. Vegetation-Based Indicators of Wetland Nutrient Enrichment (PDF) (29 pp., 874 K)
  17. Land-Use Characterization for Nutrient and Sediment Risk Assessment (PDF) (17 pp., 443 K)
  18. Biogeochemical Indicators (PDF) (44 pp., 1.3 MB)
  19. Nutrient Loading (PDF) (43 pp., 948 K)
  20. Wetland Hydrology (PDF) (45 pp., 1.46 MB)

1 These modules will no longer be produced. They have been incorporated into the Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual: Wetlands.

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