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There is a growing array of tools that are available for the use of land managers, project designers, natural resources managers, corporations, and private citizens who wish to further the conservation of birds in their programs and actions. While it is not the purpose of this web site to provide an exhaustive inventory of those tools, a few of the key ones that are accessible through the internet are highlighted.

Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Plans

Partners in Flight (PIF) will very soon have completed Bird Conservation Plans (BCPs) for the United States. Although the primary audience targeted by PIF is land managers and wildlife program managers, these plans will provide important information for anyone involved in activities that affect habitat conservation (including restoration), land use planning, design and construction of infrastructure projects, water quality management, the control or use of chemicals that may affect bird populations (e.g., pesticides application), and any other activities with the potential to impact birds.

Each plan provides important information on priority bird species from a conservation standpoint, together with guidance on population and habitat objectives. The plans are organized based on the physiographic areas of the United States to provide for the great diversity of avian communities, natural habitats, human-induced stresses, and resulting status of bird populations at a more local scale. The BCPs are being released as version 1.0 reflecting that they are "living documents" that will evolve as new information is made available, as conservation priorities change, and as field experience is gained with various conservation approaches.

You can locate the Partners In Flight Bird Conservation Plans (BCPs) of interest to you using the map of Physiographic Areas Plans and its associated list of text links. Each BCP contains a brief summary and a link to the Plan. The Plans can be downloaded and printed; most are in PDF, but a few are in HTML.

Information on the Management of Individual Species

There are a variety of resources available that provide compilations and syntheses from the scientific literature on the conservation needs of and effects of management practices on particular bird species. Partners in Flight has organized this information by source and by species at Partners In Flight: Species Management Synthesis. A table listing all North American species is populated with links to appropriate sources.

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