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Water: Monitoring & Assessment

Ohio Wetland Bioassessment Programs

Case Study

Case Study for Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Ohio EPA is developing biological criteria for wetlands using vascular plants, macroinvertebrates, and amphibians as indices of biotic integrity. Also included in the case study, is reference to the Ohio Rapid Assessment Methodology that the state will use for regulatory decision-making under the state's wetland antidegradation rule. Learn more about these efforts by viewing this case study.

Other Related Information

Kenyon College Wetland Resources Exit EPA Disclaimer
Visit Professor Siobhan Fennessy's Wetland Resources website. Dr. Fennessy is a BAWWG member and before teaching at Kenyon College, worked at Ohio EPA on the Ohio Rapid Assessment Methodology. Her wetland research includes development of the Floral Quality Assessment Index (FQAI), a tool developed to quantify wetland disturbances using vegetation.
Photo Tour of Ohio Wetlands
View photographs taken by Ohio EPA staff during several years of wetland bioassessment field work. The photographs show and describe a variety of wetland types in Ohio.
Photo Tour of Ohio Wetland Plants
View photographs and accompanying descriptions, provided by Ohio EPA, of wetland plants found in Ohio's wetlands.

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