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Water: Monitoring & Assessment

BAWWG News Archive

National Database of Wetland Plant Tolerances

Through a cooperative agreement with the EPA Wetlands Division, Dr. Paul Adamus at Oregon State University has completed a National Database of Wetland Plant Tolerances. The database provides information gathered from the scientific literature about the tolerances of wetland plant species to changes in hydrology and nutrients. BAWWG requested this database to help develop metrics such as the tolerance or intolerance to nutrient enrichment. The database is in a text-delimited format so it can be easily loaded into spreadsheet and database applications. Dr. Adamus is currently working on a similar database for wetland macroinvertebrates.

BAWWG Members Present at the Millennium Wetlands Event

Many BAWWG and NEBAWWG members gave presentations at the Quebec 2000 Millennium Wetland Event held August 6-12, 2000 in Quebec City, Canada. According to an event website, “[I]t was the largest gathering of wetland Scientists and managers in history: It was a congress of congresses. Four major international organizations came together to hold their respective annual or quadrenniel meetings at the same time with many of the events combined. Those organizations were: The International Peat Society, INTECOL, the Society of Wetland Scientists and the International Mire Conservation Group.” Included in this epic event were over 20 presentations on wetland bioassessment. For copies of the program, including abstracts of all presentations and posters, go to http://www.aswm.org/science/carbon/quebec/. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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