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Water: Wetlands

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The enduring mission of the program is to encourage and enable others to act effectively in protecting and restoring the nation's wetlands and associated ecosystems, including shallow open waters and free-flowing streams. In doing so, the program engages in two principal categories of activities -- establishing national standards and assisting others to meet them. EPA serves specifically:

  1. as a partner, providing support for both regulatory and non-regulatory wetlands protection efforts;
  2. as a promoter and distributor of sound wetlands science as the technical basis for effective wetlands decision making;
  3. in an advisory capacity for State and Tribal wetlands programs and for Clean Water Act Section 404 permit decisions;
  4. as the developer of national wetlands standards and policies; and
  5. as a regulator to back up our State and Local partners and ensure that national standards are lawfully applied.

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