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Water: Wastewater Management Process

Wastewater in Small Communities - Wastewater Technologies

This page provides links to information on various wastewater technologies that may be appropriate for small communities:

Conventional Wastewater Technologies Alternative Wastewater Technologies

For many small communities a conventional wastewater treatment system may not be appropriate or sustainable. Alternative technologies are being developed that may be a better fit for your community, including:

  • Decentralized (On-site) Septic Systems - Information on various on-site wastewater technologies (including septic systems) as well as national voluntary septic system management guidelines for regulators, community and business leaders, and citizens in small communities.
  • Large Capacity Septic Systems - Information on Large Capacity Septic Systems (LCSS) serving 20 or more persons per day. Typically, a LCSS will serve apartment buildings, trailer homes, campgrounds, recreational vehicle (RV) parks, schools, or residential clustered or septic tank effluent pumping systems.

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