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Water: Wastewater Management Process

Wastewater in Tribal Communities - Tools

This page lists (in alphabetical order, by topic) tools and resources that may be useful in the planning, design, construction or maintenance of your community's wastewater infrastructure.

 Asset Management and Vulnerability Assessment

 Financial Analysis and Funding Resources

 Information Management

  • The Wastewater Information System Tool (TWIST) – This computer based tool allows state and local health departments to effectively inventory and manage small wastewater treatment systems by tracking information related to homes and facilities served, permits, site evaluations, types of systems, inspections and complaints in their jurisdictions.

 Planning New Facilities

  • Alternatives for Unsewered Communities – Extensive software guide to the facilities planning process for small communities. Topics covered include needs documentation, development of alternative solutions and selection of the best response, and treatment management and implementation.
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Appropriate for Reuse (WAWTTAR)  Exit EPA Disclaimer  – This computer-based software identifies a range of appropriate water and wastewater treatment options and estimates local performance and costs associated with each system based on the material and manpower resources available to particular communities.


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