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Water: Wastewater Management Process

Clean Water Indian Set-Aside Program Coordinators

EPA Headquarters Contacts:

EPA Headquarters:
Matthew Richardson
Wastewater Management
(202) 564-2947
e-mail: richardson.matthew@epa.gov

Nicole Schindler
Drinking Water
(202) 564-3885

e-mail: schindler.nicole@epa.gov  

Tony Fournier
IHS/EPA IASSC Coordinator
(206) 553-1838
e-mail: fournier.tony@epa.gov

EPA Regional Contacts:

EPA Region 1:
Jamie Bourne
Office of Ecosystem Protection
Municipal Assistance Branch
(617) 918-1610
e-mail: bourne.james@epa.gov

EPA Region 2:
Denis Durack
Water Programs Branch
(212) 637-3875
e-mail: durack.denis@epa.gov

EPA Region 4:
Jennifer Shadel
Water Protection Division
(404) 562-9436
e-mail: shadel.jennifer@epa.gov

EPA Region 5:
John Collett
NPDES Technical Support Branch (WD)
(312) 886-6106

e-mail: collett.john@epa.gov

EPA Region 6:
Dena Hurst
Water Quality Protection Division
(214) 665-7283
e-mail: hurst.dena@epa.gov

EPA Region 7:
Christopher Simmons
Water, Wetlands, and Pesticides Division
(913) 551-7237
e-mail: simmons.christopher@epa.gov

EPA Region 8:
Minnie Adams
Water Program
Technical & Financial Services Unit
(303) 312-6624
e-mail: adams.minnie@epa.gov

EPA Region 9:
Loretta Vanegas
State, Tribal & Municipal Programs Office
(415) 972-3433
e-mail: vanegas.loretta@epa.gov

EPA Region 10:
Dennis Wagner
Alaska Operations Office
(907) 271-3651
e-mail: wagner.dennisx@epa.gov 

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