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Water: Watersheds

How to start a watershed team

These resources address getting started on creating a watershed team. Below you can browse key websites for books you can order, web sites you can visit, and advice you can get from folks who have been working in watersheds:

How to get started Exit EPA Disclaimer What every watershed coordinator needs to know before they start. Why start from scratch when you can learn from those who have gone before you? Use the process and borrow ideas that have been successful for other watershed partnerships.

Top 10 Watershed Lessons Learned (PDF, 712KB)
Handbook that describes the top 10 lessons that watershed practitioners across the U.S. have learned regarding what works and doesn't. Developed in partnership with over 100 practitioners. Includes key contacts and resources.

Watershed Funding Tools
EPA's Office of Water, to promote the development of Watershed Activities, is compiling a collection of watershed funding opportunities.

Getting in Step: Engaging and Involving Stakeholders in Your Watershed, (PDF, 1.34MB)
This guide provides the tools needed to effectively identify, engage, and involve stakeholders throughout a watershed to restore and maintain healthy environmental conditions.

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