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Water: Outreach & Communication

Protecting and Restoring America's Watersheds

quickthumb Status, Trends, and Initiatives in Watershed Management
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Watershed-based approaches have become a prominent tool in the management of our nation's natural resources. This report reflects upon recent successes and ongoing barriers to the effective use of such approaches. "Protecting and Restoring America's Watersheds" brings together the ideas of local stakeholders, government employees, and academic evaluators to assess the current state of watershed management and to suggest recommendations for improvement. Published by the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water, this report reflects the input and experience of nearly all federal agencies involved in the management of watersheds.

The report describes watershed-related activities - projects, programs, and coordination efforts - implemented during the recent past. It explores the successes of selected case studies and evaluates programs and partnerships representative of the larger national efforts underway to move stakeholders toward a watershed management approach. The report focuses on areas that many stakeholders believe still need improvement – the building and sustaining of partnerships, coordination amongst government agencies, watershed monitoring and assessment data, and evaluations of project success. Many elements highlighted in the report were initiated or completed during implementation of the Clean Water Action Plan, which served as the overarching strategic framework for interagency partnerships in watershed management. The report uses the major facets of the watershed framework itself to categorize case studies, program descriptions and feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Primary Sources of Information Included:

  • Citizens participating in the Regional Watershed Roundtables (convened as part of the National Watershed Forum).
  • Input from state, tribal, and watershed group representatives.
  • Literature, studies, and reports published by nonprofit organizations and academic evaluators.
  • Interagency watershed management teams including the workgroup responsible for developing and writing "Protecting and Restoring America's Watersheds".


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