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Water: Outreach & Communication

Watershed-Related Clip Art

clip art

Browse through these copyright-free graphics to incorporate them into your own outreach materials.

How to download watershed pictures for yourself

First, choose a picture category from the table on the right side of this page. The categories include the following:

  • Watershed-related activities -- Pictures of events that typically occur in and around a watershed

  • Silhouettes -- Background drawings of watershed-related scenes

  • Cartoons -- Fun pictures of watershed characters

  • Wildlife -- Pictures of animals who rely on clean watersheds for survival

  • Letterheads -- Pictures you can use on stationery to dress up your letters.

Next, preview all the pictures in each category by going to the category's thumbnails page (thumbnails are small replicas of the real pictures). The buttons below will take you to the thumbnail pages of each picture category. From a thumbnail page, select a picture you would like to download. Click on the picture or its name.

Downloading is easy. When you click on the word "Download" beneath a thumbnail picture, it will take you to a full-sized version of the picture. Simply place your cursor anywhere on the picture and press on your mouse's button (the right one for PC-based computers) until a selection menu pops up. One of the selection items on that menu will be to save the "image" (that means the picture you want). Make that selection on the menu and the picture will automatically be downloaded onto your computer. Remember the name of the directory in which you save your picture!

You can also download ALL the pictures at once in two ways. We provide "zipped," self-extracting files containing all of the images in:

  1. Each category or
  2. All of the images from all 5 categories.

On the bottom of each clipart category page, click on the link "Download all images in this category in a zipped file" or "Download all images from all categories in a zipped file" and follow the following steps:

  1. In the File Download Window, select the "save this file to disk" option then click "OK".
  2. In the Save As Window, select the directory you want to save the zipped file to and click on "save". The zipped file will be saved to the directory you selected and you will get a confirmation window that says "Download Complete".
  3. To unzip the file, you can use any unzip utility like WinZip for example. Open the .zip file in Winzip to extract the images. Your Unzip utility will unzip the files and save them in a directory that you specify. Remember the directory you saved it to so you can retrieve it later!

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