Dear Sir of Madam:

I support an Action Plan that eliminates the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico that is action oriented and comprehensive. I feel the current plan does not include concrete measurable goals for action. My specific comments are the following:

Coastal Goal-I support option 1A that includes a numeric goal.

Short-Term Actions- I encourage the Task Force to speed up their implementation process. Reductions in point sources should include a quantitative reductions. Increases in federal support for voluntary actions should be tied to monitoring to show the actions are effective.

Key Roles and Responsibilities-I urge more coordination among the various agencies involved in this issue. However the plan needs to be specific as to how this coordination will be achieved.

The Framework and Approach-This section needs to be more specific. How will planning, monitoring, interpretation, modeling and research be coordinated?

Funding-The Action Plan should be focused on funding the most effective strategies for reducing nitrogen pollution. Also, wetlands are being destroyed by permit, how will be Wetlands Restoration Fund address these losses?

Indicators of Success/Progress-the most important indicator of success is the actual monitored reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

Thank you for allowing comments.

Mary Ellen Whitworth
1408 Michigan
Houston, Texas 77006

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