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Watershed Management Process

Watershed Plan Builder

Screenshot of Watershed Plan Builder map overlay
This online tool leads you through a series of Web pages that asks you to input information about your watershed. The tool generates a customized outline that will help you develop a watershed management plan.

This section of the Watershed Management website is designed to walk you through each step of the watershed planning and implementation process. You may wish to use this information after you have used the Watershed Plan Builder to create a customized watershed plan outline.

Effective watershed management includes both planning and implementation components. While the development of a watershed plan is a critical step in the process, the plan must be successfully implemented before results can be seen. The watershed management process uses a series of cooperative, iterative steps to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop and implement protection or remediation strategies as necessary. To get more information on the planning and implementation process see the Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters.

Move through each step of the watershed management process by clicking on the steps listed in the box on the right side of the screen. Each topic is divided into subsections that can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate heading in the right hand topics box. The topics box will show the name of the section you are currently working in.

Bookmark this page so you can return to this section of the Watershed Management site as often as you need to as you progress in developing and implementing your watershed plan.

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